Industrial Engineering at UGD: registrations are now open

In the first place, Roberto Tarnowski referred to the fact that the Industrial Engineering career is new at the university: «it is already approved by the CONEAU, it has the certifications as an official career, with an official title, obviously with national scope, and the first year in 2022, next year. ‘

industrial engineering
Roberto Tarnowski, director of the Industrial Engineering career

Likewise, the director of the Industrial Engineering career alluded to the tastes that someone who aspires to enter this career should have, as well as the main function of the Industrial Engineer: «you have to like to solve problems, and numbers, like speaking, writing, and thinking are part of the tool. The Industrial Engineer is the one who strongly articulates between the industrial production part, with the marketing people, the administration, with the owners, managers, partners of the company ».

On the other hand, Tarnowski spoke of the wide range of activities that Industrial Engineering has to offer to the professional: «the industrial engineer is never going to get bored, he always has problems to solve, they are always different, challenging, motivating. For this reason, the fundamental vocation is to solve problems, after the tool that we are going to use, you have to learn and study ».

Finally, it should be noted that registrations for this race are open, and can be accessed through the UGD website.

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