Infection is increasing, testing is decreasing

New Delhi. The rate of corona virus infection has reached above 16 percent in the whole country, but the testing is continuously decreasing, due to which the number of infected is showing less. There has been a big reduction in testing from Delhi to Mumbai and almost all the states. This is happening because of the new guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). ICMR has done away with the requirement of testing those who come in contact with asymptomatic infected people. Apart from this, ICMR has also abolished the mandatory testing in many cases, due to which the tests are getting reduced. increasing corona virus infection

Testing is usually less on weekends but that happens on Saturdays and Sundays. This time the testing has been reduced in the middle of the week itself. There were 18.86 lakh tests on Wednesday, which came down to 17.87 lakh on Thursday and only 16.13 lakh tests were conducted on Friday. On the contrary, the rate of infection increased on these three days. The infection rate in the country was 13.11 percent on Wednesday, which increased to 14.78 on Thursday and increased to 16.66 percent on Friday.

Despite the increase in the infection rate across the country, a major reason for the decrease in testing is the new guidelines of ICMR. Keep in mind that during the second wave, the government had emphasized on testing and contact tracing was also being done. But this time ICMR has made it mandatory to test only those people who come in contact with the infected person, who have any symptoms related to corona infection or who are suffering from any serious disease or are above 60 years of age. Even for the infected living in home isolation, a provision has been made to consider the seventh day corona free in case of no fever continuously for three days and no testing is required for this.

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