Infection rate reached 15 percent

New Delhi. The spread of the third wave of corona virus in the country can be gauged from its increasing infection rate. According to the data updated by the central government on Friday morning, the infection rate in the country has reached 15 percent by Thursday evening. This means that out of a hundred people who got tested, 15 people are getting infected. The infection rate in the country was two percent on the first day of this year, which has increased seven times in two weeks. On Friday, for the third consecutive day, more than two lakh patients were found. On Friday, the total number of active cases in the entire country increased to more than 13 lakhs. There are 20 districts of the country where the infection rate has reached above 20 percent.

There was a slight decrease in the number of patients in the national capital Delhi on Friday. After receiving more than 28 thousand patients for two consecutive days, 24,383 new patients were found in the state in 24 hours and 34 infected patients died. The number of corona infected has decreased due to lack of testing. Because the infection rate was higher on Friday than on Thursday. The infection rate on Friday stood at 30.64 percent, while on Thursday it was slightly higher than 29 percent. On the other hand, Corona cases decreased for the second consecutive day in Mumbai and in 24 hours 11,317 new patients were found and nine people died.

The number of patients found in Maharashtra decreased in 24 hours on Friday, but the cases continued to increase in the states of South India. A new record was also made on Friday for the number of infected people found in Karnataka in 24 hours. 28,723 new patients were found in the state and 14 patients died. A day earlier on Wednesday, 21 thousand patients were found in the state. In Tamil Nadu on Friday, 23,459 new patients were found in 24 hours and 26 people died. On Friday, 4,528 patients were found in Andhra Pradesh. In Gujarat, 11,176 new patients were found and five people died.

In West Bengal, 22,645 patients were found in 24 hours and 28 people died. On Friday, 1,966 new patients were found in Jammu and Kashmir. Cases are increasing rapidly in Uttar Pradesh, the election state and 70 thousand new cases have been found in the last six days. Of these, 40 per cent cases are in seven districts of western Uttar Pradesh, where polling is to be held in the first phase on February 10. However, 1,834 new patients were found in Chandigarh on Friday. The figures of many states were not updated till late night. After their figures come, the number of infected people can go above 2.5 lakh for the third consecutive day.

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