“Inspiring creativity and innovation can lead comedians to exponential success levels”, says Abram Puttan

He himself stands tall as one of the most viral comedians with his viral content.

Enough has already been spoken about the tremendous growth of industries today, and special mention must go to the rise of the social media field. No one knew that social media would someday become the need of the hour for almost all types of professionals, brands and individuals. Though experts had hinted at their exponential rise a few years ago, people did not know that a pandemic could also trigger its growth and lead most of the people and businesses towards the world of social media.

Amidst these developments, many new talents were born that showed their A-game in content creation across different niches. Abram Puttan is also one of those extremely talented creators who jumped into the comedy niche and emerged as a refined talent. As a short video creator and influencer today, he has made sure to make his audiences laugh their hearts out and get their daily dose of entertainment and humour.

“If I could change the mood and the mindsets of people towards life through my hilarious content, as a comedian and creator, I would think I am already a winner,” says Abram Puttan, who ensures to create something new each day as a comedian, while also making sure that he doesn’t copy anyone, but create only original comical content.

His hysterical content and top-notch performances as a comedian have upped his game in social media and has propelled him forward in the industry as a sought-after comedy artist. His journey to incredible success has been filled with many ups and downs, for which he is grateful as these tough times taught him the best lessons as a professional and individual, made him more determined in his goals and helped him achieve magical success.

Check out his comical antics on social media and follow him on Instagram @abramputtan.

Ethan Hansen

Ethan Hansen founded snewslog which was lately acquired by People News Chronicle.

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