Instituto Posadas Educa launched registrations in 2022

We are ending the 2021 school year and for many families this is the time when they must make a very important decision for the training of their children: the choice of the educational institution that will train them. In this sense, one of the most attractive proposals that our city presents is developed at the Posadas Educa Institute.

The Posadas Educa Institute is distinguished by offering teaching that encourages the formation of skills in students. For this it has three educational levels: Initial (with rooms for children of 3, 4 and 5 years old), Primary and Secondary; and with an excellent team of teachers in different subjects.

We work with a highly personalized education and with a focus on the integral development of our children, commented in this regard Lic. Carolina Florentin, Rector of the Secondary Level.

In addition, it is worth noting that the institution works at different levels of education with two pillars that they believe are fundamental: bilingual training (with strong foundations in English and Portuguese) and the practice of sports. The Posadas Educa Institute’s conception of the importance of this discipline in the life of a child or adolescent makes it accompaniment with federated students in any discipline is absolute.

In the institution, the practice of sport and formal education are not exclusive areas, but are completely complementary, which is why it is easier for athletes to attend their respective competitions, accompanying them with flexibility and facilities on the dates of their school commitments.

Instituto Posadas Educa: Enrollment campaign for the 2022 cycle

This was an atypical year with the return to absolute presence; the truth is that this close contact with the students was needed (…) getting back together, with the current protocol, also made the empathy between classmates and teachers help us to go through it in an excellent way, commented the Rector of the Secondary Level of the IPEd., Lic. Carolina Florentin.

To which he added:

This is how we also prepare for the 2022 school year, eager to innovate in new technologies (…) The Posadas Educa Institute is oriented towards the Bachelor of Economics and Administration and we have the strengthening of the English and Portuguese languages”.

In turn, the Rector stressed that there is a wide demand for enrollment, and that the last places are available for the 1st and 2nd year of secondary level.

Posadas Educa Institute

It is worth noting that, for the registration of the 1st year of this level, the Posadas Educa Institute has prepared a special offer: the 2 × 1 registration is offered, that is, two students can register and the registration of one of the students is paid. they.

The IPEd. It is a new institution, which has three levels (initial, with a room of three, the primary and secondary levels) and this time we have a promotion, from which 1st year has a 2 × 1, that is, yes You come with a friend, you pay the half tuition. So we invite you to be part of this great family, concluded the lawyer Florentin.

Posadas Educa Institute

San Luis 1962, Posadas, Misiones

(0376) 443 2126 / (0376) 443 9920

Learn more by entering:

Instagram: @ instituto.posadaseduca

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