Insulting women, in Congress’s gimmicks: BJP

Ranchi. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Jharkhand State President and MP Deepak Prakash has strongly condemned the misbehavior done by a Congress worker on the reporting of the government’s anniversary program with the women journalist of the state. Prakash today said that misbehaving with women, using abusive language is included in the character of the Congress party. History is filled with many examples of such acts. He said that the ruling parties of the state are frightened by their declining popularity. They are unable to face the truth.

He said that the woman journalist who was misbehaved at Morhabadi ground yesterday, what was her fault in using unparliamentary language? Said that those who are in power should tell what crime she committed by reporting empty chairs. He said that the failed government of 2 years spent crores of rupees like water to hide its failures, got big false advertisements installed. But despite this, this government could not gain the trust of the people. And even at the time of the Chief Minister’s speech, thousands of chairs were lying vacant in the pandal.

He said that the ruling party has adopted a policy of repression with those who speak against it. Instead of correcting their mistakes, repenting on false promises, they want to suppress the opponents with sticks, case cases and misbehavior.

Shri Prakash said that earlier these people in power were targeting BJP and other anti-political workers, but now they have targeted journalists too. He said that this government is bent on killing democracy. The respect of the sisters and daughters of the state is already insecure. Now even women journalists have become insecure. The manner in which the misbehavior by a Congress worker in a public place itself reveals the condition of women in the state.

Shri Prakash urged the state administration and the ruling parties to take strict action against the person who misbehaved with a woman journalist and the administration should also take strict legal action against such a person.

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