International trade: a career with a future that offers four job opportunities

The border, Customs and the port present high demand for professionals specialized in international aspects for the positioning of products in the market.

The positioning of the University in a border province allows its academic offerings to adapt to the demands that the market requires today to accompany the development of the region, always with a transversal look at social and business needs.

“It is a career that provides a solid background in management and business. Today this type of professional is required in logistics and foreign trade companies, as well as in the specialization in the sale of goods and services, and reduction of logistics costs ”, commented the Mgter. Gustavo Cardozo, director of the race.

It is a training that in four years grants the title of Bachelor of International Trade with the possibility of accessing the intermediate title -at three years- of University Technician in International Trade.

Likewise, this training is complemented by the professional certifications granted by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) by passing a single exam, where it enables the practice of the Customs Broker and the Transport Agent.

International Trade

The dispatcher is the representative of the importer or exporter before the National State, through Customs, where he is responsible for all the procedures that have to do with the products that are imported or exported, making the classification of the merchandise and the declarations corresponding customs offices.

For their part, the agents are the representatives of the international cargo carriers before this body, whether it goes by land, air, river or sea, having among their powers the processing of cargo documentation.

Both technical roles are acquired through knowledge that is given in the two sections of the career -technical and undergraduate- that include the content required by AFIP, where in addition the UGD offers personalized support that promotes job placement and continuity in professional training .

“International trade is a career of the future, given the strong growth in the internationalization of economic and market processes, which also focuses on markets and the role of companies in different countries, communities and regions of the world” emphasized Cardozo .

The Gastón Dachary University presents its open registrations for 2022, interested persons can register or receive more information about the degree at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +54 9 (376) 505 1632.

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