IOC should ask us if it wants to hold Olympic qualifiers: Kremlev

International Boxing Association (IBA) President Umar Kremlev said on Tuesday that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) cannot hold an Olympic qualifying championship without the permission of the world boxing body. The Russian official said the two world bodies need to ‘coordinate and cooperate’ with each other and resolve all issues. “The IBA is the main association that should be responsible for the qualification and the world championship before the Olympic Games,” Kremlev told reporters ahead of the women’s world championships here.

“IBA will conduct all the qualification arrangements and championships. It is our organization’s responsibility to organize and host any championships for the qualification system in future. He has to ask first.

The IOC’s executive board had in December last year decided against lifting the suspension due to concerns about the IBA’s governance, financial transparency and stability, and the integrity of referee and judge procedures. The IOC also informed the IBA that they would organize a boxing qualification event for the Paris Olympics. The postponed Asian Games will be the first qualifiers for Asian nations as per the new boxing eligibility criteria approved by the IOC’s Executive Board in September 2022.

Two world qualification tournaments will be held in 2024 after the continental stage of quota place allocation. However, last month the IBA issued a statement saying that it, as boxing’s international governing body, has taken responsibility to provide a clear process and pathway for its players to achieve qualification for Paris 2024. The IBA announced that the IBA-run Women’s and Men’s World Championships in New Delhi and Tashkent respectively would be the ‘Main Qualification Tournaments’.

But the IOC has since rejected IBA’s claim, leading to confusion over whether there will be an Olympic quota in the Women’s World Championships starting here on Wednesday. “We are not yet talking about a qualification system for future Olympic Games,” Kremlev said. We have only offered that the IBA administers the qualification system. We don’t pretend to be the IOC and tell them what to do about the Olympics, but we have a rule that the IBA should be responsible for hosting the qualification tournaments before the Games.”

“We should ensure that all the qualification tournaments are managed by the IBA. No one can organize a qualification tournament without the permission of the IBA. “There is no dispute that the IOC will control this qualification tournament, but we need to cooperate with each other,” Kremlev said. The IOC will send a monitoring team to the mega event in Delhi. “As you can see we have invited many neutral experts like Professor McLaren. The IOC will also be here and review our work here.

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