IPL 2022: KL Rahul and Rashid Khan may be banned for one year between retention, know why

IPL 2022 retention is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 30. Where all the eight franchises will submit a list of players they want to retain. Most of the teams are making a last-ditch effort to field the players of their choice ahead of next year’s mega auction. However, the star players – KL Rahul and Rashid Khan – may face a one-year ban for being in touch with other franchises before the IPL 2022 retention. According to a report in InsideSport, Punjab Kings (PBKS) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) have complained to the BCCI regarding the new franchise Lucknow to chase and hunt KL Rahul and Rashid Khan to leave their respective teams. have complained. The report said the Indian board is now investigating the complaints. We have not received any letter, but we have received oral complaints from two franchises regarding poaching of players by the Lucknow team. We are investigating it and if it turns out to be true, we will take appropriate action. We don’t want to disturb the balance. You cannot avoid such things when there is fierce competition. But it is not fair to the current teams when they are trying to balance everything…a senior BCCI official told InsideSport. ( kl rahul and rashid ban)

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16 crore offer to Rashid Khan

The RPSG-backed new Lucknow franchise reportedly offered KL Rahul Rs 20 crore to leave Punjab Kings while he offered Rashid Khan Rs 16 crore to join his side. Also SRH are ready to retain the Afghan spinner but don’t want to pay more than Rs 12 crore. Rashid Khan currently gets Rs 9 crore while Rahul gets Rs 11 crore. Notably, if the allegations are found to be true, Rahul and Rashid could face a one-year ban for breaking the protocol of the T20 league. Interestingly, in 2010, Ravindra Jadeja was suspended for one season for being in touch with other franchises during his contract with Rajasthan Royals.

Players under our contract till 30th November ( kl rahul and rashid ban)

Poaching of players is not true in football and the same is true for cricket. I understand that new teams will be eager to get the best players, but offering insane amounts of money only contributes to disrespect to existing teams. KL Rahul has been a valuable player and it is not right to tinker with him to leave the team…a franchise official told InsideSport. This is clearly inappropriate. Till November 30, the players are under our contract and we have the right to negotiate and no one else as per BCCI guidelines. Hence, it is illegal as per the IPL Charter. But it’s not just about new franchises. In the past too, many of our players were approached during the break or before the auction, but this time with three first choices, it makes the task difficult for us. We can only hope that BCCI will make strict guidelines and penalties in such matters not only for the player but also for the franchises,” said another franchise official. ( kl rahul and rashid ban)

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