Iran’s team did not sing the national anthem in FIFA World Cup 2022, now striker Mehdi Teremi gave a big statement on the team’s move

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, when there was a match between the team of England and Iran, a strange incident happened. At the start of the match, none of the Iranian players sang their national anthem. During this all the players remained calm. A special reason is being told behind this.
Meanwhile, Iran striker Mehdi Taremi said there was no pressure on the national team after players refused to sing the national anthem in their World Cup opener against England. In fact, the Iranian team had decided not to sing the national anthem during the FIFA World Cup matches in support of the protesters in Iran.
Iran’s striker Mehdi Taremi said that we do not have any kind of pressure. During the football tournament, attention should not be given to any other issue other than football. AlthoughIran’s coach Carlos Queiroz said that the media has the right to question politics related to sports. We should refrain from answering these questions out of concern for Iran’s history, but it is the job of journalists to ask questions, which they will continue to do.
this was the case
During this, as soon as the national anthem was played at the Khalifa International Stadium, the players stood in silence. During this, the fans present in the stadium could not agree with this move of the team. He immediately raised objections to his move from the players. Before the match against England, Iran’s players had decided to support the demonstration. In view of this, the players refused to sing the National Anthem.
In this regard, Iran’s team captain Alireza Jahanbakhsh said that all the players together decided whether the protest against the government would be supported or not. At the same time, when the national anthem was played in the stadium, all the 11 players of the team kept silence. Although this moment is not shown on TV.Explain that due to the death of a woman in police custody in Iran, continuous demonstrations are being held even after more than two months have passed.

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