It is important to take care of Lakshman Rekha while criticizing the government, you should also know these comments of HC on Umar Khalid’s bail plea

The Delhi High Court has adjourned the petition of Umar Khalid for Friday. The Delhi High Court on Thursday adjourned the appeal hearing of JNU researcher-activist Umar Khalid on Friday, saying that his fresh documents explaining his alleged “objectionable speech” have not come on record. but before The High Court made important observations during the hearing of bail plea of ​​jailed Umar Khalid in the Delhi riots conspiracy case. The Delhi High Court has raised many questions regarding the hate speech of Umar Khalid, accused of plotting the Delhi riots. On the question of the court, Khalid’s counsel kept saying only that criticizing the government cannot be a crime. On the other hand, Delhi Police opposed the bail application of Umar Khalid and said that the lower court’s decision to cancel the bail is absolutely correct.

It is necessary to take care of Lakshman Rekha while criticizing the government

The Delhi High Court questioned Khalid’s lawyer for using the word ‘jumla’ after watching his speech in Maharashtra’s Amravati. The court asked whether it is appropriate for the Prime Minister to use such words? The court said that the Lakshman Rekha should be kept in mind while criticizing the government. To this Umar Khalid’s lawyer replied that criticizing the government cannot be a crime. Former JNU student Umar Khalid has challenged the trial court’s decision not to grant him bail.

A healed word was used, what is that?

During the hearing, the court also questioned the use of the word healed in the speech. Justice Bhatnagar asked what was said about the PM in the speech. A healed word was used, what is that? To this Umar Khalid’s lawyer replied that it was satire. Perhaps, the Prime Minister had used the word sab chaga si in his speech.

Who is the camel being called?

Khalid’s lawyer narrated the entire speech given in Amravati to the court. After listening to him, the court asked the lawyer that who is being called a camel in this, which was said to be brought under the mountain by the women of Shaheen Bagh. In response, the lawyer said that the government is being criticized here and this criticism cannot be considered illegal in any way.

Jamia pre-independence or later?

The High Court asked the lawyer about the atrocities committed against the students of Jamia University, whether this institution is pre-independence or later. The lawyer replied that it is earlier. The court asked the lawyer that the question before us is whether there is any link between the speeches given by Khalid from place to place and the subsequent riots in North East Delhi.

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