It’s Corona, it’s changing name and roaming around, now it’s omi omi some aaya hai, be careful” says Bollywood’s darling Garam Dharam, Dharmendra

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When there was a severe lock down in Maharashtra at the peak of Corona pandemic, then our hot Dharam of Bollywood, Dharmendra, stay safe at his farm house in Lonavala. He had made it clear that he did not come to the farm house due to the lock down (as many top Bollywood stars did), but he was in the farm house long before the lock down because he had to It is very nice to do farming in the farm house. He had said, “When I came to Mumbai as a youngster, in search of my dreams in this dreamy fantasy city, my focus was only to act in films and live in the hearts of my audience. When that dream came true, then the mind again started getting drawn towards farming. Then a farm house was built in Lonavala. The greenery of the fields, fruit trees and the natural sight of cows and calves from far and wide rejuvenated my mind and I realized that this is the place where my heart resides. Dharmendra told that he had shifted to his farm house long before the lock down was imposed and the truth is that now he lives less in Mumbai and more in Lonavala.

But just some time ago when the situation of Pandemic improved a bit and the shooting of films started, Dharam ji also got many locations including Delhi for wrap up shooting of his upcoming, Karan Johar starrer ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani’. In which he is playing a strong role with Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Jaya Bachchan, Shabana Azmi. So to shoot he went from Lonavala Farm House to the shooting locations and also came to Mumbai to meet his kids. Now again he returned to his lovely comfy location farm house in Lonavala and again started giving glimpses of his daily life with glimpses of his beautiful farm house through social media handles. This time also he did not go to Lonavala due to Omicron Scare, but returned home after work was over, but he definitely talked about being careful with Omicron. Holding a warm black tee in his hands, wearing a gray jacket, black pants and a cowboy hat, with a handsome, casual look, he said, “Friends, I have reached my farm house after a long time. When I was shooting in Delhi, it was very cold there, if I kept roaming with Sunny (Deol) in Himachal Pradesh, it was cold there too, and now it is winter here too. I’m drinking black tea.”

Giving his opinion about the new variant of Corona, Omicron, Dharam ji said, “This is Corona, it is roaming around with changing names, don’t know what a strange name, Omi Omi Something Something…. But you all must take care of yourselves. I am telling you, grandfather, maternal grandfather, uncle, whatever you think of me, esp everyone, take care of yourself. I love you all so much, please take care of yourself.”

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