Jaishankar stopped speaking on the question asked about Russia-Ukraine conflict, gave a funny answer to the question inspired by western agenda

When the world is on the verge of war, then India’s sting is ringing in the whole world. When countries that call themselves superpowers are feeling trapped, then India’s foreign policy is being discussed all over the world. India has created such a platform. When the whole world is standing on the verge of world war. In such a situation, all eyes are on Delhi’s Raisina Dialogue. There are delegations from more than 90 countries. Everyone is in awe of the diplomacy and diplomatic acumen of Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. Jaishankar, who is very restrained and calm, speaks very little, but when he speaks, the security of the person in front is forfeited. Whether it is to answer the question raised on buying oil from Russia in the past or a human rights report. The place changes but the style remains the same. Today one such occasion was also seen in Delhi’s Raisina Dialogue, Jaishankar in his own style silenced the question inspired by the western agenda.

mentioned three things

The External Affairs Minister has said a very big thing in the Raisina Dialogue. He has said that three things are not letting me sleep. The tension between the West and Russia due to the war and it seems to be getting serious. The world seems to be divided into two factions. Along with this, S Jaishankar has said that the situation in Afghanistan is also disturbing. The situation is also worrying due to Kovid for the last two years.

Western countries were reminded of their advice

S Jaishankar has answered the questions arising on India’s trade with Russia. S Jaishankar reminded him of his advice to the western countries. He said that in times of tension, we have been advising us to increase trade. We are only talking about a solution through dialogue. Take the example of Afghanistan. Please tell me which just rule was adopted by the countries of the world.

Afghanistan issue

Responding to the questions of the foreign ministers of three European countries from the forum of Raisina Dialogue, Dr Jaishankar said that the countries of Europe are now worried about the global order, but in Asia its challenge has been going on for a long time. He said, “You talked about Ukraine. I remember, less than a year ago, what happened in Afghanistan, where the whole civil society was left to the world for its own benefit. He said, “I would say honestly, we would all like to find the right balance of our beliefs and interests, our experience, and that is all we really try to do. It looks different from different parts of the world. The priorities are different and it is quite natural.”

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