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In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 16, Jhanvi Kapoor came along with Sunny Kaushalav.

She had come to promote the film Mili which has been released.

Jhanvi Kapoor has liked Abdu Rojic the most in the house.

Janhvi Kapoor Liked Abdu in Bigg Boss 16: In the November 4 episode of Bigg Boss 16, Janhvi Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal came as guests. Jhanvi and Sunny came here for the promotion of the film Mili. As soon as she comes home, Jhanvi tells Abdu Rojic how much she likes him and also says that she likes the way he flirts. Apart from this, Jhanvi also tells her number in Abdu’s ear. Friday’s episode was also very funny and everyone’s class also took place.

Jhanvi Kapoor gave number to Abdu

A video was shared on the Twitter page of Bigg Boss. Whose caption read, ‘This cute meeting of Abdu and Jhanvi will make Friday Ka Vaar even more beautiful and fun’

As soon as she enters Bigg Boss house, Jhanvi Kapoor tells Abdu that how am I looking Abdu. So Abdu says very beautiful. So Jhanvi says that I want more complements, so you tell everyone to be beautiful. I have also done your number by heart, I have 5500. After this, Jhanvi says something in Abdu’s ear and says if you remember my number, then Abdu says I will call you. In all these things, Abdu is seen to be very shy.

For information, let us tell you that Abdu Rojic has come from Tajikistan and is also a Famous Singer, Internet Influencer. Abdu has come to the house as a guest of India and is liked by everyone. In the sixth week of Bigg Boss, Abdu has also become the new captain of the house, for which he has received a chocolate gift from Hupper Bigg Boss.

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