Jorge Vigliano, the referee who was imprisoned in Posadas after the match between Guaraní and Ferro in the 1980s, died

Sad news shakes the world of Argentine soccer because Jorge Vigliano died at the age of 78 after being hospitalized for several days. Long ago I was battling throat cancer. He was the father of Mauro Vigliano, current referee.

«We regret to report the death of Jorge Vigliano, who marked the legacy of love for arbitration. Father of Mauro, Paulo and Enzo ”, was the heartfelt message they published on the official Twitter account of the Argentine Association of Referees.

Jorge Vigliano, with extensive experience in both national and international arbitration, had a career of more than 50 years. He directed 17 years in the First Division.

In 1984, he was the protagonist of an incident while refereeing the match between Independiente and Ferro, after receiving a stone from the tribune of what was then known as the Estadio de la Doble Visera. On that occasion, he was repudiated for his decisions on the field of play.

Jorge Vigliano’s anecdote in Misiones

Jorge Vigliano passed away
Jorge Vigliano in Villa Sarita.

In 1985, Guaraní Antonio Franco disputed his last participation in a National tournament. The team faced Ferrocarril Oeste in Villa Sarita and was winning 1 to 0. Clearly, it was led by Jorge Vigliano.

At 43 minutes into the second half, Vigliano sanctioned a penalty in favor of the visit. The shot was taken by Juan Domingo Rocchia and converted. Two minutes later Vigliano sanctioned another penalty in favor of Ferro. He ran Rocchia again and also converted. In this way, the visiting team won 2 to 1.

The story did not end when he blew the whistle since when he went to take the flight back to Buenos Aires, he was about to climb the stairs of the plane, at night, the police delayed him and transferred him to the First branch after a complaint made by the notary public Osvaldo Torres for “poor performance of his duties.”

Later, Vigliano was released and was able to travel the next day. The event went down in the history of missionary and national soccer since a similar case is not known throughout the country.

Time passed and no grudges remained. Neither from Misiones to Vigliano nor from Vigliano to missionary football. Surely they must treasure the anecdote as one of the most unusual and fun things that happened to the family in their successful career in Argentine soccer wearing “black”.

Jorge Vigliano passed away

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