Josephine: This is what I keep from the Mad Clip – Everything changed as soon as I was baptized a Christian

Josephine mentioned her relationship with the undefeated Mad Clip-on Wednesday night, speaking to ANT1 and Grigoris Arnaoutoglou. The singer also talked about the big change in her life after her baptism in 2018.

Expressing her emotion, Josephine said of the trader Mad Clip, who recently passed away in a car accident, that ” we were not only partners, we also made friends. It is very sad for everyone what happened. We loved this song and we supported it. “The song” Fame “that we did together is a beautiful memory left by him”.

Josephine: Mad Clip said “I will do this in music” and he did

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“I can be a little stressed and say that this can not be done, Peter (Mad Clip) whatever was elusive to others, he set a goal and he achieved it. He said I would do that in music and he did. It was not just words. He was a good man and that’s what I keep from him . “She was always smiling and respectful,” Josephine added of Mad Clip.

When she was baptized a Christian

Josephine also confessed when it was the moment she decided she wanted to get involved with singing, explaining that this happened in 2018 when she has baptized a Christian Orthodox with her grandmother as a godmother. “After my baptism, I realized that I want to become a singer. The light came, before I had suspensions and bad thoughts and as soon as I was baptized, it was as if my thoughts, my path and my goal were cleared “, the singer said characteristically. Josephine has German and Lebanese origin was revealed in a television interview that he was unbaptized because her parents wanted to choose when adulthood religion to follow. She also clarified that she has stopped talking about her personalities “so that I do not scratch them”.

“Whenever I said I was with someone, I broke up,” Josephine explained. The singer noted, finally, that she wants to chart her own course which in the long run will give her a special place in the heart of the world and that is why, as she said, she chooses not to release singles but complete albums following the example of her idols such as Despina Vandi and Kaiti Garbi.

In an earlier interview with People, she said about relationships and publicity: “Most of the time the person next to me is not OK with this or his family is not okay. I’m used to it because it’s my job and my reality. But when you have a person who is not used to seeing himself in magazines, that’s where the problems start. It’s not something I want, that is, I will not say “I had a relationship and come and take a picture of me”, but I will not change my schedule. I will go for coffee with my partner, like all normal couples. I will not tell him “Let’s not go there because he may have a paparazzi”. I do not want to get into this trip. “

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