Journalism and the meaning of freedom!

The basic question is whether the people of India, the Constitution of India really empowered human freedom, freedom of expression and journalism, or spent 75 years making it a fraud? Did the freedom of expression of the people of India get the values ​​of truth, fearlessness, intellect from journalism or did the citizens reverse lies, superstition, darkness, unconscious, misguided and enslaved? Tie this fact that the prosperity of every civilized-developed-human nation, race, religion, communion of the earth, the key to their development really lies in the freedom to fly, read, think and write in search of truth. Journalism meaning of freedom

The question is that if we weigh the 75th year of independent India Yaki Amrit Mahotsav in the scales of freedom of journalism, what will be the picture? Will the people of India be considered free or half slave?

Can you ask, can such a big meaning be extracted from journalism? Yes, because journalism is the only modern means of freedom of expression of the citizen, from whose wings the destination of the country’s intelligence-knowledge-science and truth becomes. Believe it or not, one believes that the first paramount experience in history is that freedom of expression should give wings to human development. The modern medium of these wings is journalism, through which the journey of courage and truth took place. Man’s destination. Only then think, if human, community, country is without journalism without truth and courage, then what is it worth to be called free? Then is it a human society or a flock of sheep?

Obviously, writing on the experiences of my life in the editorial faces, I am looking for the face of the country in the importance of journalism.… Understanding its meaning. That’s why after putting an end to Zindagi Nama, at present, I am in the flow of thoughts of 75 years of journalism of independent India.

So journalism blossomed in India as the fourth pillar of democracy or not? Was she a pretense to 140 crore people or real? Was it nectar for society and country or poisonous? How is India’s picture of freedom of expression and journalism? In this again the basic question is whether the people of India, the Constitution of India has really empowered human freedom, freedom of expression and journalism or spent 75 years making it a fraud? In this, it should also be considered that the press-media was going to give air of freedom to the Indians during the time of their slavery, in the contact of the British or the journalism of independent India? In the criterion of journalism, was the English journalism of India’s sovereign, eminent, elite class honest and forthright or the journalism of Hindi and Indian languages? Did the freedom of expression of the people of India get the values ​​of truth, fearlessness, intellect from journalism or did the citizens reverse lies, superstition, darkness, unconscious, misguided and enslaved?

Before proceeding, tie the knot with the fact that the prosperity of every civilized-developed-human country, race, religion, communion, the key to their development is the freedom to fly, read, think and write in search of truth. The country which has not taken its independence will be a cage. There people would be bonded. The parrot will be living in rummage, imitation and jugaad. The growth of this Beej Mantra is possible only when the freedom of thinking, searching, writing or expression gets the squalor and water of the surroundings. Without it both the country and the nation would be barren land. It is obvious that in a free country, citizens and their system should be constantly truthful, only if there is a modern-freedom conscious, then there is true freedom. May the people be courageous and courageous alive, living fearlessly and truthfully. There should be a consciousness among the public not to tolerate arbitrariness-slavery-fear. The citizens of the country should keep accountable for their freedom of expression to the government which came to power in the name of the people. Ask him questions and put the government in the dock.

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Journalism meaning of freedom

where is it like that? The answer is in every developed democracy, where the citizens have raised the fundamental flags of invention-development in knowledge-science, in the psyche of man. Nobel Prizes have been won. Who has made human beings a god who can settle in space with the power of intelligence.

Yes, in America, in the modern creation of France, the first insistence in the modern system and achievements of democracy is that of Liberty. Liberty is the first word of the soul of France, then the First Amendment of the US Constitution stands for Freedom of the Press!

Meaning in these civilized countries liberty and freedom of press are in absolute terms in the expression of the citizen. Only then look at the unprecedented achievements of these two countries for three hundred years. Think, why did they get such a boon for the inventions of thought-knowledge-science? What did these countries give to humanity while searching for wisdom or truth? Obviously, in its background is the rebellion against the papacy, freedom from the shackles of superstition and the journey of wisdom to fly in the wings of five hundred years from the European Renaissance and at the same time the truth of modern achievements of man. This is a story, which is due to the crazy-dunks-hardworking-truth-seekers who fly freely, discover the new world (America and Earth and now space). These constitute 99 percent of the modern achievements of humanity on earth. Here is the essence of the original adventure journey of free-spirited birds (human beings).

In that sense, what is the number one reason responsible for making the difference between humans and animals in every criterion? Which is the deciding factor? The answer to one line is to fly with freedom from the power of the intellect and discover new things. We Indians and especially Hindus should note that the search does not come from the government, the institutions, the officers, the judges, the incarnate king, but in the free consciousness of the individual in the society, through the personal urge, courage, to continuously seek the truth. . It was not because of the US President or the government that NASA and the world today are on the verge of settlement, excursion into space, but from scientists, imaginative thinkers, philosophers, technicians who are constantly searching and flying from the freedom of the environment made by the constitution. are. To know the truth of space, man’s intellect flying freely and courageously was like five hundred years ago the explorers of Europe crossed the ocean to find the new world.

You may ask, where is the point of freedom of expression, journalism in all this? In response, know the truth that Galileo, while searching for truth in the courage of his freedom of expression in the fifteenth century, did the work of destroying the beliefs of the Pope and Christians by writing it with wisdom, while the New World or America was the first guesser. Amerigo Vespucci paved the way for further explorers by writing the pamphlet (Mundus Novus). These are all cage-free, flapping wings and flying in the pursuit of truth, thinking, writing and expressing creatively (through creative means like articles, academic journals, books, journals and speeches) to discover-new worlds-creators. Were. Meaning the world has not been modernized by the Pope, nor by the institutions of power and authority of the emperor, king or president!

Obviously these are cryptic things, which we Indians do not understand. Well what do these things mean in India! If we understand this enough, then it is a big deal that in the 75 years of independence, were we flapping our wings with the civil right of freedom of expression and one of its mediums, journalism? Was there such an environment, which made a chance to fly out of the darkness of superstitions and lies by flying freely? A chance for the crowd to become human in the lights!

Can you ask why am I writing explaining like this?

Because we Hindus have been made to live in slavery of hundreds of years. The mind is completely ripe in slavery. That’s why it is limited even thinking that how to live in freedom is to live! What is the dignity of being human! What is truth and what is democracy?

Yes, if a Hindu still considers the Prime Minister as an avatar, god, worships his lies and pays tribute, fines, thanks to his court-collector-kotwal or bureaucracy, then he is not only without human dignity, but he is also His intellect is without freedom and without understanding the truth. He is a creature of that fence of slavery, superstition, falsehood, intellect which cannot fly from the wings of freedom of expression, from journalism. As a result one cannot seek, know and find the truth. (Ongoing)

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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