Juan Luis Basombrío Got the idea from a television show and created an unexpected business for Argentina

It started with a loan of $ 40,000 15 years ago, its container storage business was boosted in the pandemic and invested US $ 400,000 to continue growing

Conceived business visionary, Juan Luis Basombrío is the president and organizer of U-Store, a firm that is devoted to rental of sea compartments as an extra room. “I never lived on a decent compensation,” says the financial specialist who, in ten years, became one of the benchmarks in the capacity area in Argentina. He began 15 years prior with an individual advance of $ 40,000 for a very long time that his better half acquired. “With that cash, I purchased eight steel trailers and began leasing them for the oil, gas and mining camps. Some were redesigned as workplaces, homes, research facilities, or evolving rooms.

After 60 days the company “gave the first peso,” recalls the entrepreneur who assures that the credit was paid only by the business. “Then, five years later, the storage stage came with the birth of the company,” adds Basombrío, who almost ten years after starting this project added a partner. Today they have 5,200 square meters divided into two properties (one on Route 202 in Don Torcuato and another km 47.5, of the Panamericana in the Escobar district). In addition, they have 450 containers in total, of which 95% are occupied.

The curious thing about the history of this entrepreneur is that the idea of ​​betting on this sector in the country arose by chance. Basombrío is a confessed fanatic from the first hour of the North American television program “Who gives more?” (which has about 13 seasons and is broadcast on the A&E channel). The issue is about a couple of auctioneers who auction the contents of a storage deposit, which owes three months of rent. The program shows – in a funny way – the problems people have not only with getting rid of old familiar objects but also with getting the storage space for documents or other valuable items. “As I am convinced that almost everything that happens in the United States, over time, ends up being imposed in our country, I asked myself why not replicate this business in Argentina. And so I did ”, says the businessman.

The benefit that the extra rooms are sea compartments permits occupants to get to both with a truck and with a private vehicle to the entryway of their space. This permits them to be put away from private furniture to office gear (which must be diminished because of the emergency brought about by Covid-19 ), through working reports, stock from firms that work through e-commerce and even capacity materials that individuals who are considering building their home and who look to get away from cheapening typically purchase. “For instance, for quite a long time he has leased an ocean holder to a kid who brings kindling from the North and afterward sells it in the private neighborhoods of the space. Consistently the truck brimming with kindling shows up in May with which it finishes one of its extra rooms, which it utilizes until mid-September. He avoids when he runs with regard to stock, “he says.

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The entrepreneur affirms that although the impact of the pandemic was hard at the beginning, after a few months a strong growth in demand began to be experienced. Before the pandemic, they had occupied only 65% ​​of their containers. But the demand grew and invested the US $ 400,000 in the purchase of 100 more containers. “Today we only have a vacancy of 5%”, he details and gives figures on prices: they have two types of containers, some of 35 cubic meters and others of 70 m³. The rental values ​​of these structures start from $ 9500 plus VAT per month without any other cost associated with the storage service. Looking ahead, in the medium term, the plans are to expand: to the interior of the country and to Madrid.

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