Juju Salimeni changes her look and appears with lighter hair

Juju Salimeni has a new look. The 35-year-old model decided to undergo a transformation and say goodbye to her dark hair. Now she is a bright brunette.

The hairdresser responsible for moving Salimeni was Éder Fernando. In addition to changing the color of the locks, she also said goodbye to the fringe and put on mega hair to increase the length.

Recently, Juju used her social network to philosophize about the need for personal cleaning: “Nobody sees it, but inside it is a mess. And worst of all, there is no time to clean. Every day is like that… Facing the mirror, she looks into her own eyes and decides two things for her life: forgive herself for yesterday and reinvent herself for today. So, she shakes off the dust and goes out to intensely live one more day as if it were a lifetime,” she said in a publication.

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