Juri Tanaka “I can’t be Sho Hirano after all (laughs)” Bearish mode with harsh location

Juri Tanaka of the idol group SixTONES will appear on the TV Asahi variety show “Return Monday Mikketai !!” (18: 45- * some areas 19: 00-) broadcast today.

Sandwichman (Mikio Date, Takeshi Tomizawa) and the guests go to the bus stop as many times as they roll the dice and aim for the goal while searching for a restaurant. Tabi Bus Sandwich “. This time, in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, the Nakagawa family (Tsuyoshi, Reiji) and Hikaru Takahashi, who are close friends, will participate in the event, such as holding a joint live with Tanaka and Sandwichman.

Tanaka, who will be competing for the first time, says, “I’m doing live performances, so it’s okay,” while showing some leeway in physical strength, “But actually, I’m not good at hot weather …” Can Tanaka, who is indoors, say, “If I have three days off, I’ll be playing a game withdrawal in less than a second from home,” can the harsh journey be completed safely?

Tanaka, who had to walk endlessly immediately, just showed a bearish mode saying, “I saw the times of Hirano (Sho Hirano) and Kishi (Yuta). It looked fun, but it was so harsh …” Instead, when I rolled the dice, Date said, “I’m doing the best I’ve ever done.” “I can’t be Sho Hirano (laughs)!”

Takahashi, who also participated in the Bass Sand for the first time, was born in 2001 when the Nakagawake won the first championship of the “M-1 Grand Prix”. “Uncle 4 people” is shocked without thinking “I’m scared …”. Takahashi said, “Of course, I know it as history!” About the Nakagawake’s M-1 victory, but Tomizawa said, “Mr. Tsuyoshi, you’re 30 years younger (laughs).” Do you walk with a child of a certain age? “

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During the trip, Tomizawa, who took off his hat to the youth’s sense, said, “Well, I took a picture of Ki-kun.” “Let’s try!” And challenged to take a “shining photo” with Tanaka as a model. In addition, Takahashi teaches poses and shoots Tsuyoshi’s cute poses. Did you get a “shining” photo?

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