Kalyan Jewelers offers an attractive range of temple jewelery that complements the look of every bride

One of the most intricate and artistic piece of curation, temple jewelery plays an essential role in the cultural heritage of South India. Originating from the Chola and Pandya dynasty in Tamil Nadu, temple jewelery has become a piece of jewelery associated with southern religious sentiments. The jewelery is carved in gold with the imprints of deities and is studded with precious stones.

Temple jewelery invokes the divine spirit every time you wear it. Kalyan Jewelers offers a wide range of exquisite collection of temple jewellery, intricately handcrafted in gold, which includes stunning gemstones. The collection of Kalyan Jewelers is crafted to perfection with beautiful designs that blend old world charm and new age design aesthetics.

Check out the latest temple jewelery designs that Kalyan Jewelers has to offer from a wide range of bridal collections that display all manner of elegance, definitely enhancing your look for your big day!

You are sure to love this gorgeous gold neck choker from the temple jewelery collection. The elaborate workmanship on the neckpiece is a work of pure art. The figure of Goddess Lakshmi, studded with green and pink gems as well as beautiful dangling beads, adds a royal touch to the entire piece.

These make for the perfect pair of beautiful gold earrings to complete your ethnic look this wedding season. The peacock and red stones on the top create a rustic feel with the gold beads dangling which adds to the brilliance of this set.

This heavy weight in yellow gold embossed with goddess motifs throughout the neckpiece is synonymous with old world charm. The figure of the goddess in the core, with gold beads surrounded by pearls, pink and green stones, enhances the entire look and feel; Definitely a must have for every bride!

This majestic choker in yellow gold invokes a spirit of divinity with the temple-like motif of the goddess engraved in the centre, surrounded by intricate floral designs and small dangling gold beads in the choker. This simple yet artistic work is perfect for making a bridal statement!

Ottianam is one of the most traditional jewelery adorning the waist. Pure gold jewelery studded with precious gems with engraved sculptural designs; It is a perfect combination of finesse and grace.

These classic danglers with a contemporary twist are a classic example of the fine craftsmanship of Kalyan Jewellers. This gorgeous set of jhumkas with gold studded bow and blue precious stones is sure to elevate your wedding dress together.

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