Kangana Ranaut’s troubles will increase, another case registered…

Mumbai | Kangana Ranaut in trouble: Bollywood’s queen Kangana Ranaut often gets into controversies due to her statements. Advocates Ashish Rai and Ankit Upadhyay have once again lodged a complaint with the police against Kangana Ranaut. This complaint has been lodged in the context of the independence given to India. This complaint has been lodged at Vile Parle police station in Mumbai. In the complaint, the statement of actress Kangana has been called anti-national in which she said that India got freedom by begging.

Kangana Ranaut in trouble

Actress made irresponsible statement

Kangana Ranaut in trouble: Where has the complaint gone that actress Kangana Ranaut is a celebrity and she should keep in mind that people follow her. It has been said in the complaint that when such people say something, it affects the people. In such a situation, the statement given by Kangana was absurd and irresponsible. Due to this the dignity and honor of many citizens of the country has been hurt. In the complaint, the actress has been accused of making such a statement to increase riot and panic.

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There has been a lot of controversy over the statement

Kangana Ranaut in trouble: Let us tell you that there was a lot of controversy over this statement of Kangana. Kangana had even said that India got real independence in 2014. After which others including the opposition had opened an all-round front against Kangana. Many cases were registered in different parts of the country regarding this statement. Let us tell you that Kangana always has discussions about her statements.

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