Kapil Sharma’s wife called Kapil poor in a packed gathering, then something like this happened

Kapil Sharma: Kapil Sharma, who has become a comedy king after a long struggle by working hard, never hesitates to tickle us. Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma Show collects the highest TRP on TV Kapil Sharma (Kapil) Sharma) show is such a family comedy show that from children to old people are happy to see, we are going to tell you about a story related to Kapil Sharma’s wife Ginni Chatrath.

Netflix these days our comedy king is going to be seen in a show (I am not done yet), since then Kapil Sharma’s fans are eagerly waiting for this show Joker trailer has been covered on social media since its release. Ginni Chatrath will also be seen with him in the show of Yeh Hai. Although Kapil Sharma’s wife likes to stay away from the limelight, but she is seen in this show, the same Kapil asked her such a question, after hearing the answer, Kapil Sharma, who stopped talking to everyone, stopped speaking and everyone sitting there. People started laughing loudly holding their heads.

Actually Kapil Sharma asks him that with whom I had to settle the house, he knew that she was my wife Ginni, but Ginni what did you think of marrying a scooter man? In such a situation, Ginni gives her answer to this question of Kapil Sharma and says that I thought that everyone loves money people, but I should do good to this poor.

Hearing this, all the people sitting there burst into laughter. The love story of Kapil Sharma and Ginni is very sweet. Although Kapil Sharma is seen flirting with the actress in the show, but Kapil loves his wife Ginni very much.

Shivam Bangwal

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