Know, to whom did CM Kejriwal say – come down, I am ashamed…

Mohali | Punjab Politics AAP Kejriwal : The internal tussle of Congress has started once again in Punjab. In such a situation, Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and National Convener of Aam Aadmi Party, does not want to miss this opportunity. This is the reason why Arvind Kejriwal is leaving no chance to corner the Punjab government and the new Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. In this sequence, when De reached Mohali, he met the protesting teachers. Meanwhile, he said that come down, I am ashamed. This video of Kejriwal is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.

to whom did you talk now

Punjab Politics AAP Kejriwal : Arvind Kejriwal had said this to the protesting teachers on the water tank. Contract teachers have been agitating continuously for some time now. While Kejriwal had gone to meet the protesting teachers in Mohali, some teachers were still climbing up the water tank. Addressing those teachers on the road with the help of mike, Kejriwal said that you all get down, I am ashamed.

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Trouble like Delhi will be far away

Punjab Politics AAP Kejriwal : Addressing the teachers, Arvind Kejriwal said that you do not worry, soon your problem will go away. CM Kejriwal said that the way we have removed all the problems of teachers in Delhi, similarly we will give all facilities in Punjab also. Along with this, Kejriwal attacked the Punjab government and said that these people only want to fill their pockets. That’s why the teachers have been left on the road. Explain that the reason for the teachers’ protest is because these contractual teachers are working for the last 18 years.

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