Know what is Daisy Bopanna’s New Year’s resolution

Garam Masala actress Daisy Bopanna shared her New Year’s resolution for the year 2022 with us and it is something we can all learn from. Daisy, when asked about her New Year’s resolution, revealed that it is to be a lot more self-aware and just. In general a lot more aware. She continues, “By ‘awareness’ I mean that I am very aware of my actions. Be very aware of the situations around me and take very responsible action and, you know, very responsible decisions in life.”

She admits that she is usually never a Sankalp type of person, but since the year 2018, she has been consistently following this resolution – it is to be much more self-aware. She rightly says, “In today’s world, we live in so much chaos, there is so much noise all around. On social media people keep telling you what to do and what not to do. You know, you’re always influenced by a lot of people.”, Daisy laughs.

Daisy, known for her stellar work in cinema and her affection for our paw friends, is all about kindness and self-reflection. Continuing the conversation Daisy said, “In the world around us, there is good and bad and the volume is on both sides. I think being self-aware and generally aware of everything I do is something I would love to enhance this coming year and the years to come, that’s all.”

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