Kolbeinn Sigthorsson breaks the silence after the sex accusations

IFK Gothenburg's Kolbeinn Sigthorsson has been accused of sexual harassment in 2017. Now the attacker speaks out in an open letter. "I am against all forms of violence, " he said in a statement .

A major scandal flared up this week. This after a 25-year-old woman went out and accused Kolbeinn Sigthorsson of sexually harassing her in 2017. According to her, he must have admitted the incident and then paid compensation.

Now the Icelandic attacker has chosen to break the silence after the accusations in public:

“In the last years of my life, I have not been heading in the direction I wanted. I suffered a serious injury and my career was in danger. During that period, my inappropriate behavior became problematic. “

He continues, however, without acknowledging either violence or sexual harassment:

“I did not recognize myself in the allegations of sexual harassment or that I should have resorted to any form of violence, whereupon I deny these allegations. However, my behavior was not without fault, which I have also apologized for “ , he says in a press release .

As to remuneration that the lady will get after the episode, Sightorsson says the accompanying:

“I lamented my conduct, assumed liability and presented to determine the circumstance between us. She and her companion requested a statement of regret and monetary remuneration. I acknowledged their requests and furthermore paid 3 million ISK (roughly SEK 200,000, proofreader’s name) to the Stígamót establishment in acknowledgment of their significant work. In this manner, the occurrence was settled. “

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Håkan Mild: Will plunk down and talk

IFK Gothenburg’s club chief Håkan Mild remarks on the articulation.

  • I can just represent myself yet I need to dissect and reflect for some time myself and plunk down with Kolbeinn before I have any feelings.

Did you realize that the assertion could come?

  • We realized that Kolbeinn needed to accomplish something however not actually how it would occur.

Does this change as you would prefer of managing the issue?

  • Not at the present time. It is an inward matter and we will plunk down and converse with Kolbeinn before we settle on any choices.

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