League of Legends World Cup 2021: 73 million viewers watched the final, 60.33% more than in 2020

A total of 73,860,742 spectators watched the final competition of the 2021 League Of Legends World Cup, a dispute between DWG KIA from South Korea and the Chinese team Edward Gaming that took place on November 6 in Reykjavik (Iceland).

As indicated by The Esports Observer, supported by the director of League Of Legends Sports through his Twitter account, Naz Aletaha, these figures indicate the maximum audience peak reached and represent the increase of 60.33 percent of viewers compared to the figures recorded in 2020.

League Of Legends 2021 Winners, EDG Edward
The winners of League Of Legends 2021, EDG Edward.

In a press conference, Riot Games has revealed that this data comes from an audience analysis carried out in conjunction with the data analysis company Stream Hatchet.

According to this study, the recent final has registered an increase of 32.82 percent of the average audience per minute (AMA, in English) compared to 2020, so that this year it has reached 30,604,255 viewers.

LoL World Cup 2019: Quarterfinal Summary
There has been a 32.82% increase in the average audience per minute.

Riot Games has pointed out that in 2020 at the SAIC Motor Pudong Arena in Shanghai, China, DWG KIA defeated Suning 3-1 in a final that 46,067,896 people saw (maximum peak) and that had an average audience per minute of 23,041,174 viewers.

In addition, the video game developer Riot Games has presented the cities that will be the venues in which it will take place. the 2022 League Of Legend World Cup, the championship of this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that it organizes annually.

As confirmed through a statement, the event will take place in cities throughout America. In addition, will have “play-ins” in Mexico City (Mexico), the quarterfinals will take place in New York City (United States) and the semifinals in Toronto (Canada).

Semifinals will compete for victory in San Francisco (California, United States). In this way, it will be the first time that Riot Games has moved some of the phases of the North American World Cup to cities outside the US borders.

The announcement of these cities was made at a press conference held at the Chase Center, home of the NBA team Golden State Warriors. There, the global director of LoL Esports said that “Worlds is the biggest escape from the sport.”

“The momentum behind League of Legends Esports has only continued to grow since we last hosted Worlds in the USA in 2016. We are delighted to bring the entire competition back to North America and, if Covid allows, we want to welcome fans to the stands in three countries and four different cities, “said the directive.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is currently the most played video game in the world, with more than 100 million monthly active users. Since the inception of professional competitions, the game and its community have grown year after year. The objective of the game, and what determines the winner, is to destroy the base of the rival team.

What does League of Legends mean in Spanish?  - Meaning of LoL |  See How It's Done
League of Legends is one of the most popular video games today.

In League of Legends there are several game modes. The most popular is Summoner’s Rift, a battle that pits two teams of five players against each other.. It is the most frequented map because it is considered the standard in competitive play and the only one where you can play ranked games, in which the result affects the score in the league.

Before starting the game, the player must choose a character or champion from the great variety available. Each has unique abilities and a different purpose.

Each team starts the game at their respective bases, located in diametrically opposite places. Inside the base is The nexus, a structure that is protected by a large number of automatic turrets and that marks the end of the game when it is demolished. From the Nexus appear minion waves every 30 seconds, which are directed through the lanes towards the opposing base.

Players have a wide range of items they can buy with play money obtained during the game, which cause the champion to deal more damage or be more resistant. The money is obtained by the elimination of turrets, enemy minions, neutral monsters and champions. In turn, experience is gained, which helps to level up and improve skills.

Each champion has 4 abilities. With more than 130 characters, there are around 520 unique abilities. Each of them is identified with its respective key (Q, W, E or R). The fourth skill (R), called Ultimate or Definitive, is the most important and requires a long time to be able to be used again.

Every encounter begins on equal terms, with all players with the same amount of gold and starting experience. Victory is completely determined by the skill of the participants.



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