Leoni Jansen receives praise with comeback in The Voice Senior

A well-known appearance made her appearance on The Voice Senior last night . And how. Presenter, actress and singer Leoni Jansen not only enchanted the coaches and her good friend Angela Groothuizen with her voice, the viewers at home were also impressed by her singing skills. 'What an incredibly beautiful performance by Leoni Jansen. It just shuts me up," tweeted one of the 897,000 viewers.

Leoni Jansen is anything but unknown in the media world. She presented, among others, the Jeugdjournaal , Jan sen & Co ,  Uit de Kunst, and made programs with Paul Witteman and Philip Freriks. She also sings and acts and directs theater performances. She once sang for Nelson Mandela and was honored to sing at the wedding of King Willem-Alexander and Máxima. Despite her successful resume, Jansen decided to participate in The Voice Senior .

Lieke van Lexmond visited Jansen on her remote farm in the Beemster. There she told about the loss of her husband and composer Onno Krijn. He died in 2015 from the effects of colon cancer. The two had been a couple for 24 years but had only lived together for two years. She doubted at the time whether she should visit the big city again, but forced herself to mourn in the farm for at least a year. We were so fond of each other, that you actually take that with you in your mourning period. And secondly, I thought it was really nice that he died peacefully here. And that we lived together, that we still had that,” she said candidly.

On why she partook in The Voice Senior Jansen was intelligible. Since the crown, all my work has vanished. All exhibitions went and no visits, and afterward The Voice Senior came my direction, ” she disclosed to The Voice moderator Van Lexmond. “Out of nowhere I resembled: I’m so in the disposition for a party. That is the reason I’m in.” By the way, Jansen had a few nerves: her old buddy Angela Groothuizen is one of the mentors in the singing project and she was interested if she could perceive her voice. “I believe it’s truly unnerving, you realize that?” she admitted.

Jansen played out a version of the Spanish-language tune Hijo de la luna by Mecano. She likewise sang a section in the Dutch rendition called Kind van de Maan . That decision ended up being a pinpoint center. Groothuizen quickly perceived her companion’s voice and shouted it out. Furthermore, Gerard Joling additionally brought her voice home: ,,Well, yes”, he yelled. Different mentors, Ilse DeLange and Frans Bauer, were similarly intrigued.

“I’m shaking all over here. We have been companions for a very long time and have not seen each other for quite a while because of the freaking pandemic,” said Groothuizen noticeably annoyed. “I’m totally moved. I have palpitations.” It abandoned saying that Groothuizen needed to set out on the experience with Jansen, obviously different mentors needed that as well.

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Jansen kept it invigorating for some time. She was interested what mentors like Ilse DeLange, Frans Bauer and Gerard Joling could show her, be that as it may, she said: I would think that it is exceptionally abnormal on the off chance that I didn’t go on the experience with you, Angela.” He shouted and ran directly to the platform, where Jansen was standing. A firm hug followed and the feelings could be perused all over.

Watchers at home were additionally loaded with acclaim for Jansen’s investment. “Goodness, what an astonishing presentation Leoni Jansen’s was,” somebody composed on Twitter. What’s more, another: ‘What an amazingly excellent presentation by Leoni Jansen. I’m simply quiet regarding it. Furthermore, what a moving reaction from Angela.’

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