Like twenty one like twenty two because….

Year 2021 has passed and 2022 is now! The question is, is it right to understand the difference of the year in the current Mahakal? Like India in 2019 and the same in 2021 in the mahadasha of pandemic-great disaster! Only then will the new 2022 be part of it, so will 2023. India is getting progressively sicker, poorer and more injured. Two reasons. A whole world is itself caught in the Mahadasha of Mahakal. Secondly, in the time of this Mahadasha, by taking India away, we are relying on magic and sorcery.

So, the first fact is that the earth is trapped in disasters and calamities. The present time of the earth is a dreadful long period of the twenty-first century. History will never forget it, just like the Spanish flu, humanity can not forget the first and second world wars. Starting from the year 2020, the period of 2021, 2022, or further 2023 or 24 is killing humans that if they do not change, then suffer. While giving the human beings the experience of destruction, nature is saying that they cannot live as they were living till now. Change the way you live. change yourself Indeed, time is giving man that feeling, by which he is compelled to change. Only then is the time for the Mahadasha of a great war between nature and man.

The test of strength of the Great War are pandemics and climate change. Human beings are in shock, fighting and coping with the formless virus of Kovid-19 and scared. Scientists quickly discovered waxy. On the other hand, measures are also being taken to stop climate change. Meaning man has known battle-disaster-disaster. The waist is tightened. He will neither give up nor surrender. He will keep nature under control with his vitality. Despite this, there is bound to be fighting, dying and getting injured.

In this period of global Mahadasha, the time of India in different years from 2019-2020-2021 to 2022-23-24 does not have much meaning. Because 140 crore people of India have faith in God as always! Be it the country’s economy, society, foreign policy or national security or fighting epidemics or the challenge of climate change disasters, we have entrusted the incarnation of God to everyone. Only then will the first, second, third, fourth waves of the virus be faced by Ram Bharosa. As in the previous waves, so in the waves ahead.

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So the Mahadasha of India will worsen in the year 2022. It is certain that the misery of the people, the disease will increase. The economy will slip further. The threat to national security will increase. Society will further disintegrate. Lies will spread. In the same proportion, the tsunami of witchcraft and lies is also going to increase in the same proportion. If 2021 was the year of lies for India, then the year 2022 would be the year of great lies.

Is this all my pessimistic fatwa? So just remember the 2019 pre-Covid-19 pandemic experience? Wasn’t the economy and the country slipping then? Then in 2020, after the entry of the epidemic, were there no clapping of plates in the whimsy of witchcraft? What was the experience like in the first wave and after? What happened when the second wave came? Now the third wave is possible so what are we doing?

Therefore, it is meaningless to think, understand, guess the difference between the year 2020 or 2021 or 2022 in India. The direction of the country is fixed. The command of the country is fixed. Command capabilities are obvious. Sorcery and lies are fixed, so twenty one will be twenty-two. Yes, we the people of India should not think in a year or so, but should know that how will be the bottom of our Mahadasha and how it will be carrying the old ghosts of history.

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