Lionel Messi settles in Paris with wife Antonella Roccuzzo and children

Who is Messi's wife, Antonella Roccuzzo - Which of his three sons supports Liverpool and Real Madrid - The catalytic role of his father, Jorge Messi, in the career of the international ace

It was a week full of conflicting feelings for Lionel Messi, tears at a press conference, when he said the last goodbye to Barcelona and smiles on arrival at the airport Le Bourges Paris, where hundreds of supporters of PSG reserved slot “King” in Argentine ace.

The Lionel Messi signed with PSG for two years with annual earnings of 35 million. Euro. On Wednesday in the press conference given by the No. 30 of Paris Saint-Germain, he expressed his “immense happiness” that he was in the team of the French capital. However, the Argentine ace did not arrive alone in the City of Light, but “plus his wife and children” , as well as together with his father Jorge Messi , who has been acting advisor to the famous footballer since the beginning of his career. In fact, in the press conference at the Parc des Princes, where 150 journalists and photographers from all over the world were present, Messi went with his family.

The 33-year-old Antonella Roccuzzo is the wife of Messi , who for years has been sharing her life with the football superstar. The two have known each other since childhood and come from the same city, Rosario, in the northeastern part of Argentina. They met for the first time in a football match where they were introduced by Messi ‘s friend and Antonella’s cousin, footballer Lucas Scaglia. However, Messi and Antonella did not immediately have a relationship until 2007, when he did not hesitate to travel from Spain to Argentina to console Antonella , who lost a close friend in a car accident.

Lionel Messi with wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their kids.

The couple started dating secretly but in 2009 Messi revealed in an interview their relationship while at Christmas of the same year Antonella moved to Barcelona . The impressive Antonella’s dream was to study dentistry, but later decided to pursue a modeling career.

The couple got married in 2017 in a luxury hotel in Rosario, although they had already had three sons. In Thiago, born in 2012, Matteo was born in 2015 and Siro came in the world in 2018.

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Next to the Antonella Messi, his three sons and his father The Antonella Rocco zo always accompanies her husband at events and public appearances while she is active on social media with more than 16 million followers on Instagram. She owns a successful shoe boutique in Barcelona . Messi’s wife announced on Instagram the family’s move to Paris with a photo from the plane and the caption “A new adventure”.

The couple’s three sons , despite their age, are just as famous as their parents, as Messi and his wife have chosen to take their children on trips abroad and not hide their faces on social media. In fact, Messi did not hesitate to reveal two years ago on Argentina’s TyC Sports channel that Mateo ‘s sonsupported a team other than the one his father played.

In games inside Spain, little Mateo supported Real Madrid, while in Barcelona’s game against Liverpool, Messi’s middle son told the footballer that he is with the English team!

The 58-year-old Jorge Messiis more than just the father of the famous Argentine ace. He is his counselor, his mentor and the one who will defend him when needed. The Jorge Messi manages the career of his son from the beginning as it is he who in 2000 led the 13 year old son at the training center of Barcelona . Messi’s father negotiated with officials in Paris Saint-Germain and is the first to publicly confirm his son’s departure for Paris at Barcelona airport.

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