Lionel Messi was honored at PSG for obtaining his seventh Ballon d’Or in a packed Princes Park

Lionel Messi was honored at PSG

La Pulga, 34, won his seventh award for best player of the season. The Italian was anointed as the top goalkeeper. Consequently, the cast of the French capital organized a party in the run-up to the match against Nice in a full Parc des Princes.

On the blue and white shirt, the team (including No. 30) wore a T-shirt with his image and the award on his head, like a sun. The first honoree was the goalkeeper, who positioned himself with his trophy on a stage, behind the billboards and the line of fireworks prepared for the occasion. After his speech, the Argentine was summoned, who crossed with his body a kind of tunnel with his image to bathe in the ovation.

“This Ballon d’Or is special, for being the first in the city, the first to win with this club. It is an honor, I hope this helps us to improve and that this year we meet all the objectives with Paris ”, said the forward, to receive a new shower of affection. The person in charge of the presentation took the closing of her speech, the part of the “objectives”. Of course, PSG never won the Champions League and it is the great mission ahead, in addition to maintaining the top of Ligue 1, which last season was for Lille.

Lionel Messi was honored at PSG
The explosion of fireworks behind Donnarumma and Messi, which caused the Flea scare.

Then, the Rosario showed all the fans the Ballon d’Or. And behind them the fireworks thundered, which surprised him. In fact, as he stepped down from the dais, he was startled by the outbursts and looked back to see how far their source was.

Messi’s new coronation caused excitement among his fans, but also some criticism from those who understood that other players deserved it, such as Robert Lewandowski. For example, Iker Casillas and Tony Kroos gave an opinion contrary to the election of the Flea. “I find it more and more difficult to believe in this football award thing. For me, Messi is one of the 5 best players in all of history, but you have to start to know how to catalog who are the most outstanding at the end of the season. It’s not that hard, damn it! Others make it difficult! ”, Wrote the goalkeeper on his Twitter account.

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Even Cristiano Ronaldo threw a dart by liking a message from a follower on Instagram who questioned the list of the 5 players who received the most votes and preceded him: Messi, Lewandowski, Jorginho, Benzema and Kanté. “Do you really think that these 5 boys did more than him in the year?”, Read the message in support of CR7 that the Portuguese gave birth to.

“Blah blah blah … continue,” wrote Jorge, the idol’s father, on his Instagram account, accompanying his words with a photo of Leo with the trophy. A counterattack that was supported by the praise of other huge players in the world of football, such as Pep Guardiola. The same thought PSG fans who enjoyed seeing the trophy and the crack in the Parque de los Príncipes.

Lionel Messi was honored at PSG

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