Lottery player dusts off 7 wins, becomes a millionaire

There were smiling faces at the lottery drawing on Sunday. Two people cracked the jackpot, and many more also cleared a lot.

Fortuna was in a donor mood last weekend (August 8, 2021), because four players had every reason to be happy. A Styrian and a Carinthian probably had the broadest smile on their faces, because from now on they can call themselves lottery millionaires.

The Oststeirer was successful with the eighth of twelve tips on a normal ticket, the Upper Carinthian came with the system 0/07 to six fives (880.5 euros each).

Five players scored a fiver with an additional number. Two Viennese, one from Burgenland, one from Lower Austria and one from Upper Austria each won more than 26,600 euros.

Lotto winning numbers *: 3 17 27 30 40 41 bonus number 19


A Lower Austrian from the Weinviertel also had every reason to be happy. He was the only one to score six at LottoPlus and will soon have more than 300,000 euros in his profit account. The computer helped him achieve success with the first of three quick tips. The LottoPlus six on Wednesday is about 150,000 euros.

LottoPlus winning numbers *: 3 8 16 18 29 38

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And finally, the Joker also made for a more than respectable win. An Upper Austrian was the only one who had the correct Joker number on his receipt, and his “yes” ticked was rewarded with around 229,000 euros.

Joker number: 9 8 4 6 5 8

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