Madhuri Sanjeev to play a negative character in ‘Is Mod Se Jaate Hain’

zee tv recently launched The show ‘Let’s go by this turn’ It has been gathering discussions since its inception. Through the story of two UPSC aspirants, Paragi Parashar (Akshita Mudgal) and Sanjay Pathak (Hitesh Bharadwaj), the show is trying to change the mindset of the audience about women who are achieving more success than their male counterparts. While the concept of the show and the performance of the lead pair have impressed everyone, the new twist in the story will soon make things more fun. The show will soon see the entry of a new character, which will turn the story of the show upside down.

Popular TV actress Madhuri Sanjeev will enter the role of Sanjay’s bua ji and Pathak’s eldest member of the family Nutan bua in the upcoming track of ‘Is Mod Se Jaate Hain’. Sanjay is her dearest nephew and she was the one who named him at the time of his birth. Sanjay’s dream of clearing UPSC exam really means a lot to him, as he has high hopes from Sanjay. However, she believes that Paragi is not the right girl for Sanjay and hence the audience will now get to see her wicked plan, which she follows to separate the pair.

Own Entry To taking Madhuri Sanjeev tells Huh“I am really happy to be a part of a show like this, which has received so much love and appreciation from the audience. I always try my hand at different types of roles and I think my character will be very influential in this show. It is very challenging to be involved in the middle of any show, as the audience is already used to seeing the existing characters and cast, but my character’s entry will add a little more drama to the show. Nutan Bua’s character is a bit grey, but she doesn’t want to harm anyone. She only wants the best for her lovely nephew. They feel that they should do everything to separate Paragi from Sanjay’s life, so that Sanjay can be happy. While I am sure that Nutan Bua’s tricks will bring high-voltage drama to the show, I also hope that I will do justice to my character and everyone will love my performance.”

While we are all looking forward to see Madhuri Sanjeev’s entry in the show, it will also be interesting to see what Nutan Bua does to get Paragi away from Sanjay. Will she be successful in her plans? Or will Paragi and Sanjay’s love keep them together?

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