Madhya Pradesh: Permission given to female policeman to change gender, application was given in Police Headquarters ..

Bhopal | Madhya Pradesh lady constable : When the name of the police personnel comes, first of all the picture of some tall and wide men starts appearing in front. But it does not happen that there are always only men policemen, many women policemen are also working in the country. In such a situation, the matter which has come to be heard from Madhya Pradesh is strange in itself. The Home Department of Madhya Pradesh has given permission to a woman constable to change her gender. This is the first such case in the state in which permission has been given to a police constable to change his gender. Let us tell you that this is a female constable who will become a man.

Madhya Pradesh lady constable :

There was a complaint about gender since childhood

Madhya Pradesh lady constable : Giving information in this regard, Dr Rajesh, Additional Chief Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Department said that it is true that we have given such permission. He said that the female constable is troubled by gender identity disorder since childhood. In this regard, he had contacted the doctors several times earlier but to no avail. He told that the woman constable had applied to the police headquarters for gender change in 2019. After which permission has been given to him on 1 December 2021.

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Permission has already been given

Madhya Pradesh lady constable : Additional Secretary told that this is a new case for Madhya Pradesh. He said that in our country any person has been given the right to choose his gender irrespective of religion caste. In such a situation, police personnel also come under the Constitution of India. Before this, 29-year-old female constable living in Maharashtra was also given such permission.

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