Madhya Pradesh: The businessman was fond of collecting garbage, the wife complained in the CM helpline, so much garbage came out that…

Morena | MP Morena Garbage Collection : It has often been seen that people are fond of collecting strange things. Some people collect old coins, while some people show interest in depositing gold and silver. But if we tell you that there is also a person somewhere who is fond of collecting garbage, then you might not believe it. One such case has come up from Morena in Madhya Pradesh, which remains a topic of discussion these days. Several tonnes of garbage have been found from the house of this person named Yogesh Gupta. So much garbage has been found that when the Municipal Corporation started trying to remove it, the streets of the market were filled with garbage.

MP Morena Garbage Collection :

Weird hobbies, people upset…

MP Morena Garbage Collection : The people of the neighborhood were also troubled by the hobby of the businessman and they did not understand why he does this. Let us inform that the Municipal Corporation has recovered 8 trolleys from the roof of the garbage traders. This number in itself is quite large, due to which there is no limit to the surprise of the people. Yogesh Gupta is a cloth merchant and he lives in Sadar Bazar, Morena, he has a 3-storey house in Sadar Bazar. It has been told that Yogesh is very fond of collecting garbage from the beginning.

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Wife complained in CM helpline…

MP Morena Garbage Collection : The wife got upset with her husband’s habits. Neighbors started arriving to complain. Whenever neighbors used to come to his house complaining about the smell, Yogesh used to fight with them. Disturbed by her husband’s habits, the wife complained to the CM helpline. After which the municipal vehicles came and started taking out the garbage and one by one 8 trolley garbage was cleaned. The municipal corporation also reprimanded the cloth merchant for his action and said that if he does something like this next time, a complaint will be registered against him.

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