Mahapanchayat on one year of movement

New Delhi. On Friday, on the occasion of one year of the farmers’ agitation against the three central agricultural laws, the farmers agitating along the Delhi border celebrated the announcement of the withdrawal of the law and also held a mahapanchayat. The farmers also demonstrated their strength by gathering in large numbers. Kisan Mahapanchayat was held in Bahadurgarh on Friday, in which thousands of farmers reached from Punjab. Farmer leader Joginder Singh Ugrahan addressed the farmers. However, no other leader of the United Kisan Morcha reached it. The leaders of the United Kisan Morcha will hold a meeting on the Singhu border on Saturday, in which a decision will be taken about ending the agitation and returning home. mahapanchayat on tikri border

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However, the Mahapanchayat in Bahadurgarh lasted for about three hours, in which there was talk of continuing the fight while remembering a year’s struggle. In the mahapanchayat, eight farmers were honored who did not go home even once in a year. Shawls were presented to these farmers on the stage of the Mahapanchayat. These eight farmers announced that they would go home only after the notification of the cancellation of the law.

Meanwhile, it has been told that after the withdrawal of the new laws, the farmers will travel to Parliament on November 29 or return home, its decision will be taken in the meeting of the United Kisan Morcha to be held on the Singhu border on Saturday. All the big farmer leaders will gather in this meeting. Farmer leader Balbir Rajewal, who reached Tikri border to participate in the celebration of law return on Friday evening, told about this.

Kishan andolan farmer protest

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Balbir Rajewal said that the front of the struggle which lasted for one year has become Fateh. Farmers are celebrating. Drums and drums are being played and sweets are being distributed. He said that this is the victory of the farmers’ struggle, it has set a new record. He said that on November 29, the decision of tractor march from Singhu and Tikri border with five hundred farmers to Parliament House is same as before. On the question of returning home, Balbir Rajewal said that its decision will be taken in the meeting to be held on the Singhu border on Saturday. He said that there is a need to be careful from the Modi government, that it should not bring the law back by any means again.

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