‘Majoring Muhammad’ (2021) and the book Trilogy

Warner insists that non-Muslims should not waste a minute on the religious part of Islam. Their concern is only Islamic politics, That is, infidel things, instructions, There should be examples. Whether a Muslim country, Or in countries like India, America where there is no Islamic rule yet. If the infidels do not know Islam in fact from their point of view, So their end is certain in time!

During the Corona lockdown, this author’s textual achievement was Dr. Bill Warner’s four unmatched books. A physics professor and mathematician, the 80-year-old Warner has produced a groundbreaking academic work on Islamic theory-practice-history. It took him more than twenty years. He has scoured the most authentic biographies of Prophet Muhammad, all the hadiths, and all kinds of versions of the Qur’an from original sources and presented them with a scientific method, but from a Kafir (non-Muslim) perspective. Such work is called the most valuable work of life in the academic field.

From his book ‘Majoring Muhammad’ (292 pages), which came in the same year, there should be a sufficient assessment of Islamic political theory, the life and work of Prophet Muhammad, Jihad, women, Shariat, slavery, dhimmi, and various arguments and arguments related to these. goes. Such a testament that the critics, pro-Islamists, stop speaking. The reason is that Warner cited none other than the original Islamic sources. They consider it unnecessary. Because Islam rises from Muhammad and falls on him. No cleric in the world—maulana, imam, professor, etc., can be accepted in Islamic sectarianism by saying something different or opposite to Muhammad. So, to know Muhammad is to know Islam. Everything else is a hoax, or a tangle of deceit created deliberately, the victims of which have been both non-Muslims and Muslims.

Just before this book, in his Trilogy, Warner analyzed the sira (biography of Muhammad), the hadith, and the Qur’an from the Kafir point of view in its original form, with context. The Islamic texts were classified and presented in a variety of ways, according to the staunch mathematician. So that anyone can test. For example, 84 times ‘truth’ is mentioned in the Quran and 46 times ‘false’, false deities, false deities, falsehood, etc. are mentioned. He mentions the infidel about 400 times, who is also called disbeliever and rejector, denier in English translations. Some 345 times in it it means that one who does not believe in Allah and His Prophet, is a Kafir. In this way all the liberal, secular talk about ‘Kafir’ is shattered in one stroke and the truth is exposed.

More than half of the entire Islamic doctrine is on politics, i.e. Kafir and Jihad. Warner, by counting the Sunna (Sira and Hadith) and the words of the Quran, subject-wise accounting of its texts, showed that Islam is 86% politics and 14% religion. 51% of all content is focused on infidels, with the original take being ‘Allah is the enemy of the infidels’! Consequently, Islamic doctrine-history is mainly a guide, remedy, and example of all kinds of action against the infidels. 81% of the content in the sira, 64% in the Qur’an, and 37% of the accepted hadiths, that is, about two thousand hadiths are about infidels/jihad. In the Qur’an repeatedly, other gods and goddesses and those who worship them have been called evil. Jews, Christians, and idolaters have been constantly called cursing, even abusing. e.g., ‘beast’, ‘blind’, ‘deaf’, ‘dumb’ (Qur’an 2:171) and ‘dirty’, (22:30, 9:28), ‘monkey’, ‘pig’ (5:60, 7:166), etc. In it, jihad clearly means “to kill and be slain”, slay and be slain (9:111, 47:4). Thus, of the nearly one million words of the entire Islamist community, there are 3,27,547 words devoted to political violence – almost a third!

That’s why Warner insists that non-Muslims should not waste a minute on the religious part of Islam. Their concern should be only about Islamic politics, i.e. Kafir related things, instructions, examples. Whether in Muslim countries, or in countries like India, America, where there is no Islamic rule yet. If the infidels do not know Islam in fact from their point of view, then their end is certain in time! They should know all that Islam has decided about them. Otherwise Islam will destroy them, because that is its goal. The entire method of achieving this goal has been told and done by Prophet Muhammad. He was determined to emulate the same. The Muslims have also been severely punished and threatened for deviation from it. By doing all the same, Islam continued to grow for 14 centuries, by deceitfully climbing one by one rich-educated societies, destroying them and making them Muslim sooner or later. That process never stopped, and continues to this day. From Africa to Asia, Europe to America, you can see it identically, if you do not want to see it intentionally.

The very strange thing is that all this openly, by announcing, in front of everyone, all over the world, in every way, all kinds of Muslim organizations are doing – but the Kafir world has become Surdas. On the contrary, it helps Islam in every way. Big Kafir leaders, judges, professors, editors, don’t know anything on Islam. The history of Jihad, which has been going on for fourteen hundred years, is not taught in any university, but the departments of ‘Islamic Studies’ run smoothly. In the words of Warner, “Can’t differentiate between Sunna and Tuna”, but delivers stilted speeches on Islam and policies on Islamophobia! In this way, they manage their own gradual destruction. This is happening with equal ignorance and arrogance by the rulers, intellectuals in countries like America, Europe, India. In this regard, the chapter on Jihad and Dhimmi in Majoring Muhammad is a very original analysis.

How important are these books of Dr. Bill Warner, it can be estimated from this that when Kashmiri poet Dr. Kundan Lal Choudhary saw a Hindi video-talk series based on them (with Neeraj Attri) respectively, So after the last video he sent the message that this video content is as valuable as your lifetime work. Make sure to publish it in book form as well. Undoubtedly, reading these books by Bill Warner on the basis of diverse literature, history, and political studies from the last four decades is an achievement of a lifetime, not just this year.

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