Mediamax Entertainment’s debut song recording by legendary DJ and music composer DJ Sheazwood

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Let’s celebrate with a toast and get immersed in the song DJ Baajan De by musician DJ Sheezwood

Jyothika Tangri and MD Desi Rockstar, who have been consistent chartbusters in the past, have recorded a Haryanvi song titled “DJ Baajan De”, which is high on its musical profusion. The song is so great that the toes can’t stop dancing on it. It has an uncanny ability to reach deep into the hearts of the audience.

Musician DJ Sheazwood says, “Jyothika Tangri and MD are at the ninth position after tasting consistent successes on Desi Rockstar songs. They are very talented artist and I am sure DJ Bajan De will be a true blue family song where you can see all your uncles, aunties, cousins ​​and even grandparents grooving to its tunes. Huh.”

Jyothika Tangri says, “New Year has always been party season. I am very happy that I got a chance to sing DJ Bajan De composed by the great DJ Sheizwood. I am sure this will be the best start to the new year. It was a fun experience recording the song.

MD Desi Rockstar says, “Recording with the team was undoubtedly an amazing experience, DJ Bajan Dey is undeniably brilliant. It has catchy melody lines and the hot-selling voice of Jyothika Tangri to propel it forward.

Mediamax Entertainment spokesperson says, “DJ Bajan De is a super amazing and moving song. No one knows the pulse of the audience better than DJ Sheezwood and I am sure this song will be a definite hit.”

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