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We usually associate robots with fictional themes, with repetitive and force tasks, rather than with creative and subtle practices. However, advances in the area provided the emergence of automata that they are encouraged to painting and literature.

A perfect example of this move is Ai-Da, described as “a vision of the future” and an artist as good as other abstract painters of today. Is about the world’s first ultra-realistic artificial intelligence humanoid robot artist, which was created to produce works of art and poetry.

Ai-Da: the robot that writes poetry.

its denomination is also ingenious: combines the name of a woman (Aida) with the initials “AI”, for “artificial intelligence”Or artificial intelligence, in Spanish.

With a white blouse and loose dark hair, in the pictures we see the face of a totally realistic woman, although in her arms her machine essence is exposed.

The invention is not exactly new: its first appearance dates back to 2019. Its inventor is the gallery owner Aidan Meller, who created it in collaboration with the Enigeered Arts company and with scientists from the British universities of Oxford and Leeds.

Why & # 39; s Ai-Da, the World & # 39; s First Robot Artist, Kind of Hot?  - ArtReview
Ai-Da made her first appearance in 2019.

Ai-Da’s tribute to Dante Alighieri

However, Ai-Da was once again talking about last weekend when she demonstrated her artistic abilities to the public, giving a poetry recital you wrote using your algorithms under the 700th anniversary of the death of the great Italian poet Dante Aligeiri.

The recital took place at the renowned Ashmolean Museum from the University of Oxford. Ai-da’s poem was produced in response to the poet’s epic Divine Comedy, which she consumed in its entirety, which allowed him to use his algorithms to draw inspiration from Dante’s speech patterns and use his own data bank.

Next, we share a Spanish translation of the poem Ai-Da wrote to pay tribute to Alighieri: “We look up from our verses like blindfolded captives / sent to seek the light; but it never came / It would take a thread and a needle / To complete the picture. / See the poor creatures, who were in misery / That of a hawk, with their eyes closed ”.

“The results are pretty crazy. But, to be fair, so is a lot of poetry, “says the site. Gizmodo about the poem written by Ai-Da.

How did Ai-Da learn to write?

Like other systems supported by artificial intelligence, Ai-Da’s secret is training. In this case, the machine received more than 14,000 lines of Alighieri’s fundamental work, Divine Comedy, and then turn to them as a source for his own poem.

Ai-Da, the first artist robot - La Tercera
The machine received more than 14,000 lines of the play “Divine Comedy”, which served as its training.

The robot will not be as creative as human authors, although it has a great advantage in other variables. As Meller told The Guardian, Ai-Da can produce up to 20,000 words in 10 seconds. The creator of this device pointed out that the edition is scarce and that, meanwhile, most of the content is created by the machine.

Will robots displace writers? Meller trusts this: he commented that based on the progress made in the area, “texts created by machines will soon be completely indistinguishable from those written by humans”.

In addition to this, the parties involved in this project indicate that Ai-Da was not designed as a replacement for human artists, but rather as a tool to gain insight into our behavior patterns.. “If computer programs, rather than humans, are creating content that in turn shapes and impacts the human psyche and society, then this creates a critical shift and impact on language that we must discuss and think about.” Meller concluded about it.

This is Ai-Da the robot who can write poetry and create works of art. It was invented by Aidan Meller in Oxford, England and is considered the world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist.


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