Messi spoke of his possible return to Barcelona: “If I can contribute and help the club, I would love to return”

The Spanish newspaper Marca showed a preview of the interview with Lionel Messi that will be published this Tuesday. In the minute and a half that the video lasts, and which was released by the social networks of the Madrid newspaper, La Pulga talks about his possible return to Barcelona, ​​the illusion generated by the arrival of Xavi as coach and told why he PSG is one of the candidates in the current Champions League.

“Leo Messi received MARCA at his home in Paris on the occasion of his eighth Pichichi that he got last season. A Leo Messi who was calm and happy. The adaptation to his new team and Paris has gone better than expected. Once he is at home and the children have started with the routines, everything has gone smoothly, which gives great peace of mind to both Leo and Antonela, ”the newspaper wrote.

The highlight of La Pulga’s sayings was when he referred to his return to Barcelona. At this point, the idol did not hesitate and said: “I always said that at some point I was going to return to Barcelona, ​​because it was my home and because I was going to live there and because I always wanted to try to help the club in whatever way I could. Obviously if I can contribute and help the club I would love to come back ”.

Regarding the arrival of Xavi, he acknowledged that it awakens a great illusion and gave him great praise. “He is a coach who knows a lot, who knows the house perfectly. He lived all his life since he was a child in Barcelona and renews his illusions. He is a very respected person both in the fans and in the players, he is very important for the young players that there are today. He is a person who teaches and will make the team grow. I have no doubts, “he said.

When focusing on the new goals he has outlined in Paris Saint-Germain, Messi acknowledged that PSG is one of the favorites in the current Champions League, but he also warned: “Everyone says that we are the big favorites and I am not going to deny that we are one of the candidates by name, but we still need things to be a really strong team ”.

He also described the great potential of the French squad, although he described it as a very healthy dressing room. And he highlighted a partner in particular: “Sergio Ramos as a partner is a show.” This Tuesday the full note will be published where the Argentine will provide details of his life in Paris, his team, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Dani Alves and the World Cup.


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