Metropolitan Gas raises CNG and PNG costs in Mumbai

MGL said it had to expand the base cost of CNG by Rs 20 for every kg and homegrown PNG by Rs 2 for each SCM.

After the middle’s precarious 62% ascent in locally delivered gas costs declared last week, Mahanagar Gas Limited on Monday climbed the retail cost of CNG and PNG by Rs 2.

MGL said in an explanation that taking into account the lofty expansion in cost, the organization will undoubtedly build the base cost of CNG by Rs 20 for each kg and homegrown PNG by Rs 2 for every SCM.

MGL said the cost of re-gasified melted petroleum gas is additionally now at a noteworthy high, prompting a significant expansion in the expense of acquisition of gas. It has constrained us to build the cost by reexamining the cost.

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The cost of CNG and homegrown PNG in and around Mumbai will be Rs 54.57/kg for Slab 1 clients and Rs 32.67/SCM and Rs 38.27/SCM for SLab 2 clients separately.

Notwithstanding the new costs, CNG is 65% less expensive than petroleum and 44 percent less expensive as far as diesel. Homegrown PNG is 34% less expensive than LPG.

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