Milind Gunaji: During that time I was so sick that I might have died

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Milind Gunaji is also an Actor/Writer/Author. He is known for his strong characters in Bollywood. Till now, Milind, who has worked in 250 Hindi/Marathi and some South, is not interested in any praise. After starting his film journey from Papeeha, he did not look back after getting recognition from Droha Kaal, Heritage and Devdas. Some people do not know that Milind has also worked as a guide. Therefore, the Government of Maharashtra has given him the title of Forest and Wildlife Ambassador.

Milind Gunaji Tell us something about your upcoming films?

Yes, my mother was completed after making at least 5/6 films, first of all Anees Bazmee’s “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” is ready. I have a central character in this film which will be seen throughout the film. It is a very interesting character. It stars Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani. This film started and then got closed for a short time due to covid. Started twice and now it is complete, just ready for release. Just because I am bound by contract, so I cannot tell much about the film. My character is very long.

And the second film is South’s director Silence Kolanu’s film hit film Rajkumar Rao Main playing the lead. This is a remake of the Telugu hit film. In this, I have a similar character in this, the character I have in the same old films. You will not understand whether my character is positive or negative but yes you will definitely feel a mystery. This film is also complete just March release plan Producer and director.

And which film are you with Arjun Rampal?

Yes, The Battle Of Koregaon” is a film by Arjun Rampal. I am playing an important role of Parashuram Bahu in it. It is a period film. This film is a large scale film. There is still a few days of shooting left. It also has a very good item number song by Sunny Leone. The film is almost complete.

Are you a bruslipper movie too?

Yes, a film on Brussels is also ready to be completed. Then there is also a film called ‘Wings of Gold’. With this film I have a different clash with a little girl who is playing the role of Main Protagonist. There is talk of releasing this film on OTT.

Mind Gunaji has also written a book, throw some light on this?

Before making my Bollywood debut, I was also a model and writer, and still write. I have written about 12 books. I am also the Brand Ambassador for Wildlife Forest Maharashtra Government. My book is mostly related to travel, birds and nature. My book, “Hawaii Mukhagiri” This project is by Uddhavji Thackeray. He has clicked aerial pictures of Maharashtra. He told me that if you write very well then you should also write on this project. We are also very good friends. I am also planning to do a photographers exhibition on my photography.

I also have a book, “Chanderi Bhatkanti”, in this I have written about my filmy journey. Before this, there is a discussion on the film “LoC”. When we were shooting in Leh Ladakh and I fell seriously ill. I am playing a doctor in this film. If you see, there is no doctor in the climax. Just during that time I had become so ill that I might have even died. And all this is written in this book, how I made my film journey after seeing ups and downs. I just kept on doing less, filmmakers always saw me in negative roles and offered me roles. I understood that I did not get many hero characters for Isis. Yes, I have played hero’s character in Marathi cinema.

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