Mirabai Chanu created history in Weightlifting World Championship, won silver medal in the tournament

India’s star weightlifter Mirabai Chanu has won a silver medal in lifting 200 kg in the World Championship held in Bogota, Colombia. The Olympic silver medalist created history in the championship. He has lifted 200 kg in the championship.
During this, he faced China’s weightlifter Jiang Huihua. But Mirabai Chanu’s opponent lifted 206 kg and captured the gold medal. Please inform that Mirabai Chanu’s wrist is injured. During this, she is injured due to which Mirabai is not able to perform at her best.
Meera lifted 113 kg
In this championship, Meera has not let her injury affect her performance. While lifting the weight during the snatch attempt, she slightly lost her balance, due to which she suffered a minor injury. Please tell that he lifted a weight of 87 kg in this snatch round. During the match, he lifted a total of 200 kg and won the silver medal.
Meera defeated the Olympic champion
Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu has won the silver medal in the championship by defeating Olympic champion Hou Zhihui. Let us tell you that Hou Zhihui lifted 109 kg in the clean and jerk rounds. In the snatch round, Zhihui lifted 89 kg, which placed her in third place. At the same time, Indian weightlifter Meera Bai Chanu lifted 113.87 kg. After this he got a silver medal. Jiang Huihua won the gold medal by lifting 113 kg in clean and jerk and 93 kg in snatch for a total lift of 206 kg.

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