Modi’s target on the opposition on the first day of the session

New Delhi. Before the commencement of proceedings on the first day of any session of Parliament, the Prime Minister usually appeals to all parties to cooperate in the smooth running of the House. But this time on the first day of the winter session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jibe at the opposition and said that it should not be an issue of who stopped Parliament with how much force. Narendra Modi parliament session

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Before the commencement of the proceedings of the winter session, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the political parties to maintain peace and decorum and at the same time said – there should be questions in Parliament, but peace should also prevail. We should be recognized by the number of hours we worked in the House, not by who in the House, with what force, stopped the Parliament. The Prime Minister’s gesture was towards the uproar of the opposition.

Modi further said- I hope that how the Parliament is run in the future, how well you have contributed is to be weighed on this scale. Who stopped the Parliament with so much force, this will not be the criterion. This would be the criterion as to how many hours the Parliament worked. The government is ready to discuss and answer questions on every issue. There should be questions and there should be peace in Parliament.

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The Prime Minister said that against the government, against the policies, the voice should be louder, but in respect of the dignity of the Parliament, the dignity of the Speaker, the dignity of the chair, we should conduct that which will work for the young generation of the country in the coming days. Returns. He cautioned the people about Corona and said – The news of the new variant also makes us more alert, alert. I request all the members of Parliament to be alert. Decisions in the interest of the country should be taken swiftly and together in the session.

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