Money is not being spent to fight pollution

It seems that the Delhi government has also accepted the tax money earned by the Central Government and is not spending it on the work for which the money has been recovered. The Supreme Court had ordered many years ago that green tax should be collected from freight diesel vehicles coming into Delhi’s border and the same should be spent on improving Delhi’s air quality. After this order of the government, the collection of tax started from the diesel vehicles blowing smoke. In the last six years, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has 1,298 After recovering crores of rupees and deposited in the Transport Department of Delhi Government. But it is a matter of regret that in the last six years, the Delhi government has only 271.50 Crores of rupees have been spent.

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think, 13 hundred crore rupees, of which 271 Crores of rupees have been spent. In this also 265 One time financial year Rs. 2018-19 were spent in, When the Delhi Government had given money for the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Transport Corridor. think, How bad has Delhi’s air been in the last six years! People are suffocating due to deteriorating air quality, but the state government has not used the tax money collected to improve the air quality., In this item, more than one thousand crore rupees recovered from diesel vehicles are deposited with the state government.

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