More than 80 technicians and students specialized in Yerba Mate production assistance, Horticulture and Fruit growing

It is the Higher Diploma in Horticulture Protected, Higher Diploma in Fruit Systems of Northeast Argentina and Higher Diploma in Production of Yerba mate that started in March and now reached their final stage.

A representative of each organization that made this proposal possible was present at the event: the Minister of Agriculture and Production, Sebastian Oriozabala; the dean of the Faculty of Forest Sciences (FCF), Fabian Romero; the vice president of the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM), Ricardo Maciel; the provincial director of the Instituto de Fomento Agropecuario Industrial (IFAI), Rosana Arguello and the new director of the INTA Misiones Regional Center, Victor Wyss.

“These diplomas arise as a necessity of the territory. After analyzing the tools that our graduate and graduate technicians and students who were working in the territory needed, we found that in these three production chains, fruit horticulture, horticulture and yerba mate, there was expertise in all institutions but it was dispersed. ”, Explained the dean of the FCF, Fabián Romero.

More than 80 student technicians specialized in Yerba Mate production assistance

Followed, he commented that this prompted to bring together the institutions that work with agriculture, production and industry in the province, to put together the proposal that ended in these three diplomas that had an important reception in the middle. In this sense, he thanked the collaboration of the organizations, the directors of each proposal and technicians who participated as teachers and made the knowledge and experience available to benefit the producers.

“Having trained extension technicians who can advise and improve the production of these productive chains, surely contribute to territorial roots, which is also what we are looking for,” he said.

The next to speak was Rosana Arguello, current Provincial Director of the Institute for Agricultural and Industrial Development (IFAI) who stressed the importance of these proposals for a province that works with food from orchards and fruits: “All this makes the farmer in his fields need this raw material that it is you, the technicians, engineers, who prepare and can speak the same language as our producers ”, he commented.

More than 80 student technicians specialized in Yerba Mate production assistance

For his part, the recent director of the INTA Misiones Regional Center, Victor Fabio Wyss, He emphasized the strength of the work between institutions and the contribution they provided for the realization of these trainings.

“We have to think about the province of Misiones, about our production systems, our biodiversity, our environment. We must have an agriculture and a productive system according to our province. We will always lack technicians in the field and we will always lack this type of action that allows us to arrive with real knowledge at the producer’s pond so that it transforms its reality into economic income and developments ”, he stated in his speech and He assured that these diplomas showed that the need of the producers of Misiones was considered.

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Accordingly, the vice president of INYM, Ricardo Maciel, also highlighted the importance of training those people who accompany different work groups. In this sense, he commented that as an institution they made the decision to incorporate the herbal extension service: “Today of the 36 who finish this Higher Diploma in Yerba Mate Production, 8 are from INYM, they are young professionals who will be distributed throughout the provincial territory “, said.

Regarding the proposal, Maciel said that it allows to strengthen knowledge in the extension service and celebrated that the initiative has been carried out in the public university with public organizations because this allows the producer to access knowledge.

The last to speak was the Minister of Agriculture and Production, Sebastian Oriozabala, who began his speech by remarking that these diplomas were the result of putting public policy, the interest of producers, above private interests.

“It is a challenge to put above the interest of the producer and producer who are the economic development of the province. These interests are growth, integration, economic inclusion in value chains, ”Oriozabala said.

More than 80 student technicians specialized in Yerba Mate production assistance

The Minister thanked those who made these trainings possible, which represent a “transition of knowledge.” “I want to highlight the work that the UNaM as a whole has been doing and particularly the Faculty of Forest Sciences because to be able to understand that the academy is not only an academy to train students in a training process but is to extend, bring those resources to the territory, bring participation, knowledge, makes us open the university to new opportunities “, he slipped.

Then the act continued with the words of each director of the diplomas who delivered certificates to the students present.

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