Mugdha Godse – Akash brightening thriller film “Devil’s Night”

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AS doing diamond business in Patna, Bihar, Patnavi also has a finance business. Now expanding the scope of his business, he has entered the field of film production. Apna Banner S. P. – Established by establishing Digital Entertainment, he has started the production work of the film “Devil’s Night”. It is clear from the name that this is a thriller film. Its direction has been entrusted to Ashok Jamuar and he is also the story and screenwriter of this film.

The main actors of the film are Mugdha Godse and Akash. This is Mugdha’s second thriller after “Help” and she is glad that the year 2022 has started with a thriller shoot. The important introduction of the film’s hero Akash is that he is the son of Govinda’s maternal uncle. In this film that shines both of them, Mugdha is playing the role of a film heroine. Mugdha, who appeared as a supermodel in the film Fashion, says about the role of the heroine, ‘Many people are assuming that I am a heroine, so it would be easy to play the role of a heroine here but it is not so. Here I am playing the character and I am presenting this character from the director’s point of view. Here I have become a heroine. A heroine who is entangled in a web of mysterious accidents. This role is not common.

I was thrilled when the story of the film was narrated and I hope it enthralls the audience as well. While watching the film, the audience will get goosebumps, I believe. Adi Irani Hara is playing the role of film producer here. Along with his heroine, this producer also gets entangled in the trap of accidents. What happens to the heroine and the producer after a murder, it will be shown in an exciting way. Akash is playing the role of Devil in the film. This is the story of how a common young man turns into a devil, that is, he is here in both a negative and a positive role. According to Akash, this role with many shades is challenging.

According to director Ashok Jamuar, the Devil had to struggle a lot while selecting the cast for this role. After much struggle, Akash was finally selected. The first test was taken and after passing it, Akash’s entry was made in the film. The shooting of the film is to be done in Mumbai and Nainital. All the actors and technicians of the film appreciate the spirit of producer M. Patnavi. He says that today where the film industry is facing difficulties due to the Corona period, in such an environment, this new producer has instilled new confidence in the curtain film industry by taking the lead in film production. Along with this, he has also given inspiration to other people that whatever be the situation, one should not lose heart.

The dialogue writer of this film is Ashutosh Sinha. Lyricist – Music composers are Parijat and Satish Sharma. Other actors of the film are Nandkishore Mehta, Ashutosh Sinha, Praveen Nayan and Mahendra Singh etc. and it is planned to release in the month of April.


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