My best source of inspiration has been watching various different kinds of films: Vinn Sander

Popular American film and TV star Vinn Sander considers acting one of his greatest passions. Best known for starring in several Dhar Mann Productions’ mini series, and films like President Evil (2018) and Fear And Desire (2019), Vinn looks up to many people as his idols.

Interestingly, the actor spent his early childhood in India and he remembers watching Hollywood films on a TV channel all the time. “I grew up watching all the Rocky and Rambo movies and I remember being hugely inspired by Sylvester Stallone and the roles he portrayed,” says the actor, adding that he also looked up to Stallone for his physique. In fact, Vinn wanted to look like him, as Stallone was his inspiration to begin his fitness journey while also developing my his in the action genre.

Vinn also considers Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson an inspiration. “His work ethic, and ability to maintain such a busy lifestyle, shooting multiple movies a year while also maintaining his physique, is inspiring. Yet he’s so humble,” he says. Vinn aspires to be like Dwayne, because he feels that most actors are incredible on screen but not nice in their daily lives. But, Dwayne is great, both on and off the screen, he says.

Vinn has been lauded for his performances so far and being a trained actor has a role to play.
Talking about training in acting, Vinn says that he began taking acting classes in Los Angeles at a school that specialised in Meisner technique. That helped him develop a strong foundation as an actor and provided him with tools he could use in any role or scenario. Besides that, Vinn also took other classes that focused on developing specific skills. “For example, I took classes specifically on auditioning, because auditioning is a whole different game. I had to learn how to audition first. I also took classes on script analysis, comedy, drama, how to be in an audition room, different acting techniques, etc. to ensure I had enough tools in my back pocket,” says the actor.

For Vinn, on-the-job learning has also played a huge role. “I also learn a lot from watching films. Since the beginning, my best source of inspiration and research has been watching various different kinds of films and shows,” he says.

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Unlike the past, when he would watch movies purely for entertainment, Vinn now focuses on the acting, and aspects like how an actor is able to authentically portray a role, what is working for them, what is not working, etc. “It is fascinating to see how the actor is able to portray that specific role authentically on screen and how they are able to convey specific emotions successfully. I can learn a lot from watching various great actors,” says Vinn.

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