Nafas Hussey, The Iranian beauty is now an Australian citizen and a fashion model

Out of the many industries of the world, most of us have heard enough of the business sectors, but how often do people speak about the growth and the struggles of the modeling, entertainment, and other artistic sectors? It is time to put the spotlight on these industries as the pandemic, which ruined almost all the industries, badly hit the modeling and the artistic industries as well. Due to the many restrictions, the industry hasn’t opened, resulting in a shift in fashion shows online. However, the true essence of modeling or fashion show or a ramp walk somewhere has disappeared for an unknown period of time due to the pandemic, says Nafas Hussey, a growing fashion model based in Australia. But she also points out that changing times and modern-day problems need modern-day solutions. As an industry, she wants people to come together and work collectively to constantly innovate and showcase their talents now through digital mediums.

“I was already modeling in Dubai in 2019 and was also offered to model in Lebanon and in Dubai for jewelry shops. But, unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, I couldn’t go there,” says Nafas Hussey talking about how she faced hurdles on her path due to these trying times. However, she wants people to know that tough times too end somewhere, and this too shall pass. Gradually, things will have to get back to normal. Till then, she hopes that the industry keeps growing in one way or the other by utilizing and optimizing the digital platforms and creating more awareness about shows and events digitally.

Nafas Hussey’s strong personality and her magical looks grabbed the attention of many across the world, which always kept her busy with modeling projects. Currently, she is working upon herself and honing her skills as a model to up her game in the same and after everything gets back to normal aims to get back with bang on-ramps and shoots.

Interestingly, Nafas Hussey, besides showcasing her modeling prowess, has also displayed her tremendous talent as an artist with modern art, focusing on arts like modern abstract and modern contemporary. She has even done a few expeditions in Iran and Sydney. Nafas Hussey is a graduate in architecture and, after moving to Australia in 2010, also learned visual arts. Her knowledge and expertise in fashion and modern art is par excellence, which can be seen through the work she has done so far.

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The brown-eyed beauty aims to now focus on her modeling career and achieve much more in the industry in the coming years. Do follow her on Instagram @nafas.hussey to know more.

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