Nasruddin Shah again gave a controversial statement, said – Mughals were refugees, remember their deeds too….

New Delhi | Nasruddin Shah controversial statement: The name of Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah is taken among the veteran actors. But it is also true that as much as Nasruddin Shah is known for his performance, he has also been deeply involved in controversies. Nasruddin Shah, who is often in the headlines due to his statements, has once again given such a statement which has created a ruckus. Nasruddin Shah said during a show that Mughals are refugees. After this statement of the actor, he started being trolled fiercely on social media. A new controversy also started in Nasruddin Shah’s interview.

What did Nasruddin Shah say

Nasruddin Shah controversial statement: During an interview, Nasruddin Shah said that the alleged atrocities of the Mughals are highlighted. Shah says that why do we forget that Mughals are the same people who sacrificed their lives for this country. It is further said that the Mughal emperors built many temporary monuments in the country, which are part of our heritage today. Along with this, Nasruddin Shah said that the Mughals had come here to make it their homeland, if you want, you can also call them refugees.

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got into social media

Nasruddin Shah controversial statement: After this statement of Shah, he was trolled badly on social media. A user told him that apart from the Mughals, did we not have any architecture. The user said that even today people in the world come to see the beautiful temples of India, which were not built by the Mughals but by the rulers living here. On the other hand, Gurjar said that when all this has been built by the Mughals, then why is Afghanistan deserted. Similarly, on social media, people fiercely reprimanded Nasruddin Shah for his statement.

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